Monday, October 31, 2011

Michael's 1st Primary Program...

I wish I had thought to get a picture of Michael in his suit today, but I forgot. Michael had his first primary program today at church. The program was awesome! All those little kids up there saying their little parts and singing beautiful songs in unison... it's my favorite Sunday of the whole year! This Sunday was SOOO much better than all the rest! This Sunday Michael got to do his first part in the program! We were nervous that he wouldn't get up there because he is so shy, but he did! Then we were nervous he wouldn't say his part because he is so shy, but he did that too!!! I was SO beyond proud of him! His part was "Noah, because he saved the animals from the flood." It was so beautiful! I was just giddy with excitement and he was so proud of himself. Just glowing ear to ear.

Helping Mommy....

My kids love to help with chores. When I am cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, or dusting... they come running. They just love to help! Adam captured this cute picture while I was trying to vacuum... I say trying, because attempting to vacuum with three little kids all trying to hold onto the handle and push forward and backup all together... ya... not so easy. haha. Of course I do nothing by praise them and tell them how much they are helping me and then I just go back over the spots when they aren't looking. haha. Oh the things moms do. :-) Motherhood is so fantastic! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

Huge Apples!

So we got these amazingly wonderful apples. They are HUGE! I keep a basket of fruit on the table for the kids to get to easily and they love the apples! I usually cut the apples into slices but for whatever reason the kids prefer to eat these ones whole. Hailey is so adorable with them. I mean seriously... look at the effort she puts into those smiles. Just lights up ear to ear. You can't help but smile when she looks at you like that. I just light up when she smiles at me. I knew everyone else would enjoy these pictures and help to light up their days.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving!

Michael and Hailey picked out pumpkins at the pumpkin farm. Emma was not interested in getting one. She had her cherry lemonade and was happy. haha. While the girls were sleeping Michael and I got started on the pumpkin carving. We printed off some stencils from the computer that Michael liked. Michael held on the paper while I traced. Then we worked together scooping out the insides (which Michael thought was totally disgusting) and then I carved out the pictures. They turned out really well. One is a goofy face and the other is a moon with stars. We're excited to light them up for Halloween.

Pumpkin Farm!

As a tradition we started going to a fun pumpkin farm with the kids every year. It's fairly close to our house and we have a blast at the slide, bounce house, petting zoo, riding the train, eating yummy food, playing in the pumpkin patch, pony rides, etc. We had such a great time! I can't wait to go again next year. :-)

(They are so beautiful!)

(Petting the pig "chewy")

(Checking out the baby chicks)

(Hailey & Boompa watching the goats walk up to their perch)

(Michael feeding the horse)

(Emma feeding the horse)

(Hailey giving the horse a hug... the horse adored her! He kept nuzzling her neck and neighing at her. So cute!)

(Walking up to go down the slide)

(Mommy, Emma & Hailey getting ready to ride the train)

(Michael at the front of the train)

(Michael in mid-air... I thought this was a cool picture. Just wish he was turned around looking at me)


We started this new system at home where the kids get to earn "good choice pebbles". I went to the store and got some plastic vases and let the kids pick out bags of pebbles. Whenever they make a good choice, help someone, do something nice or thoughtful, etc. then they get to put a pebble in their vase. When the vase fills up they get to pick a reward. Michael filled up his vase first and he decided to go to jumpstreet and he wanted to take his sisters so we could all go and have fun together as a family. His sisters weren't far behind and ended up filling up their vases before we left for jumpstreet. We had such a great time jumping in the bouncehouses and on the trampolines. It was even better because Adam and I got to go with them! haha. We had just as much fun jumping and going down the slides as they did. We can't wait to fill up those vases and go again!

Halloween Costumes of 2011!

This year Michael is going to be spider-man, Emma is the most adorable pirate that ever lived, and Hailey is a stunning fairy. The kids have gotten some serious candy. These pictures were taken at Adam's work. They did a fun Halloween party type thing for the employees kids. All the desks and offices had candy to hand out and they decorated the whole place. It was really neat. The kids had a blast and because they were the most adorable kids in the whole place they got extra handfuls of candy. haha.
Adam and I dressed up for a Halloween party at our friends house the other night. We got a babysitter (thanks mom!) and we went out for a fun night! We weren't sure if we were going to go so we didn't' go get costumes. We were able to throw these together with stuff we had at home. Adam made the most awesome Mr. Clean with his bald head. I did the army girl thing. :-) HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :-)

Michael's girlfriend....

Michael has fallen in love for the first time. His beautiful girlfriend is Kyli. He met her at school. She is a year or 2 older than him and in the class next door to his. Sometimes they are on the playground at the same time and they are often found holding hands walking around. She gets to school before he does and she waits at her classroom door for him to get there. As soon as they see each other they give immediate hugs and sometimes even a kiss on the cheek. It's so adorable. They are smitten with one another.
Last week I took the kids to school and Kyli's teacher told me that it was Kyli's last week because she was moving. Both Michael and Kyli were very sad to say goodbye. I got some pictures of them for him to remember her by and look back on his first girlfriend. Michael also got her a little teddy bear holding a rose, wrapped it up and got her a card that said how much he would miss her and how much he loved her. It was so sweet and she was so happy to get it.

Michael's 4th Birthday!!!

My baby boy is not a baby anymore! He's not even a toddler... he is a big boy! He is so grown up! I admit that I wanted him to have a pirate birthday party. I had this great idea to do a treasure hunt with pirate hats and treasure maps, but my little boy got his way and we did a spiderman party. He is a bit obsessed with spiderman right now. It was a great party! We had family and friends, lots of fun, and delicious cake and cupcakes (that my good friend made... she is so talented!!!) I also have to admit that I totally failed with pictures. I was enjoying the party so much that I totally forgot to take pictures until the party was nearly over. It was an awesome day anyways and Michael had a blast (which is the whole point).

(Michael blowing out his candles)

(Michael's best friend Wilson and his little brother Bret)

(Michael's buddies Sawyer and Hudson)

(Tyler, Carson & Makalya)

(Emma & Bret... she loves him... hehe)

(Michael enjoying his cupcake... silly smile)

Sprinkler Fun!

The other day I turned on the sprinklers in the back to water the grass and when I went to turn them off a few minutes later I found my girls having some water fun! I had to capture it in a few photos.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Michael is .... interesting. haha. He is a very special little man. He loves school and has made friends really quickly. He is a total Casanova! He has girlfriends all over this town. I would say the most serious one is at school. Kyli. She is 4 or 5 years old. She waits at her classroom door every school day for Michael to get to school. She loves him to pieces. As soon as they see each other they run into each others arms and hug until I pull them apart. haha. Then the routine plays itself out again when I go to pick him up to go home. They are adorable together and call each other boyfriend and girlfriend.
Michael is a big helper. He loves to play the Wii's big game hunter with his daddy. He also loves to help daddy to yard work (as portrayed in the photos). He is constantly getting into mischief with his sisters. Mostly Emma. They are always sneaking off quietly and I have to go figure out what they are doing that they shouldn't be. Pulling all the blankets, towels and sheets out of the linen closet, or ripping open bags of sand in the shed (boy was that a mess!) or dropping fun things into the toilet to see if it will sink or float. haha.
My little boy is about to turn 4 and I just can't believe he is growing up so fast! He is doing amazing at school! He use to be so shy and although he still has his moments, he is making a lot of friends and has become the leader of the playground. He is also picking up everything he is taught so quickly. He is doing incredible with math (thank goodness he got his daddy's math skills!) and his letters and words. He is so smart! I always knew it, but seeing his school work in comparison to the other kids in his class at the same age or a year older... I'm continually impressed!
I love him so so much! He is my oldest but he will always be my baby boy. He still takes the time to cuddle with me and when I'm not feeling well he gives me kisses on my cheek and asks if he can get me anything. He has the kindest heart in the world! He can have a little devil in him, but that's what keeps it interesting. haha.
He has gotten really into this show "Fresh Beat Band". He has developed a love for hip hop and dancing. Watching him is adorable! We got some video that can not be beat. I love watching him come out of his shell!


Emma is our Diva Princess! She is my little actress and drama queen. She loves to play dress-up, go to school, help mommy, get into mischief with her brother, play make-believe. She just loves life! She loves her daddy to pieces. She runs into his arms when he comes home from work everyday so excited! When she meets new people she says "hi, I'm emma" and then she proceeds to introduce her whole family. So cute. She is a social butterfly! She loves to talk on the phone and put on her most fluffy princess outfit, grab her little purse and pretend keys and head out with her shopping cart, or her baby stroller. She is just truly adorable to pieces. She is a joy to have in our lives.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hailey is getting so big. She is adorable. I know I've said it before, but she is truly the happiest baby in the world. She LOVES to be photographed. She is constantly posing and finding new things to do and then pointing at the camera. When she is hungry she makes this sound with her tongue that makes me laugh so hard every time. She loves to read! She is constantly bringing people books to read to her. She also loves to dance. She has such a special relationship with everyone in her life. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. She is our last child and we couldn't have finished off our family with a better child. She is such a special spirit! Love her to pieces!! Look at that smile with those little gaped teeth! So adorable! You can't help but smile when you see the effort she puts into her smile.

Reading with Uncle

Dressing up as a dragon and growling at everyone

Hiding in a bucket

Playing T-ball

Cuddling with 'Boompa'

Reading with Grandma