Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decorating for Christmas 2011!

Adam got the Christmas tree out about a week ago. I still wasn't feeling up to decorating for Christmas, but Michael was begging me after school on Tuesday so I got the boxes down and the kids and I turned on Christmas music on my great grandparents old Hi-Fi (it plays old records for those of you who don't know what a hi-fi is). We danced and sang as we put up the decorations. It was so much fun! We had a great time! I pretty much let them take charge. I unwrapped everything and gave them some direction, but the three of them decorated everything. As you can see in the pictures ALL the decorations for the tree ended up on one spot on the bottom of the tree. haha. So cute! If they couldn't get the hook to hang they would just lay it on a branch. It was so funny. They were SO proud of themselves. It was adorable! Then they found some Christmas ribbon of mine and they HAD to use it. I tried to convince them it was for presents, but they preferred to wrap up our staircase like a present. haha. Lets just say that my house looks like it was decorated by 3 little kids and I LOVE it! It may not be Martha steward style, but it's perfect to me! :-) Adam loved it! The kids were so excited when he walked through the door. They love to find ways to surprise daddy. Daddy thought it was perfect too! :-)

My little ham. That smile... you can't help but giggle.

Hailey trying to fit into a box. haha

My 3 perfect kids! I'm so blessed!!!

Look at that tree! They worked so hard on that one section. haha

Sisters being silly


Oh the love! :-)

My happy girl!

Emma decorating the tree (one spot only. haha)

Michael decorating the tree (same spot. haha)

Handsome boy!

Look at that cute pose

Hailey was glued to the Disney tree

Daddy Time!

These are just a few photos I caught of the kids with daddy. Hailey and Adam were feeding each other popcorn (she is so in love with her daddy) and Michael and Adam like to play the hunting game on the Wii together. Michael is actually a really excellent shot! You wouldn't believe his aim and steady hand. Quite impressive.

School Pictures!

I was so excited for my kids to have their first school pictures. The backgrounds were beautiful and I was just so excited! Then I got to school to pick the kids up and was told that they both struggled while taking pictures and that they weren't able to get any good ones. Then they asked if I would help get their pictures. So we went back to where everything was set up and it ended up taking like 2 hours to get the pictures and they kept messing up their hair. It was not their best day. The photographer was great and even offered to get a couple shots of Hailey. Hailey was not dressed for pictures, nor had I done her hair, but they still turned out great. We got a few pictures that I really liked. Here they are: Next up.... family pictures! :-)