Friday, August 31, 2012

Trip to California!!!

My mom and I decided to head out to California a couple days before my best friends wedding so that we could have a little vacation for just the two of us. We never get away just the two of us anymore so it was really special. We spent time wondering through the shops up and down main street at Seal Beach. We ate all our favorite foods from all over. We sat by the ocean and read our books and talked. It's been a long time since I had laughed as hysterically as I did this past weekend. My mom and I were barely breathing half the time cause we were laughing so hard we couldn't speak. It was fantastic!!! :-) We got to see old friends. We got to travel to our favorite places. We got to see family we haven't seen in awhile. We just had a fantastic time!

Dinner with California friends! - Such a great time!! We miss you ladies!

This is my families favorite beach shop on main street. My mom and I each bought the kids some gifts from here to take back home with us. They were very excited and loved all their little beach treasures! :-)

Me sitting by the seal of Seal Beach. Had to get this shot for my son, cause the last time we took this picture, it was my son that was sitting where I am now. He got a kick out of it.

Mom enjoying the ocean breeze.
Me standing next to the ocean with giddy happiness! I felt like screaming "I'm home!!!!"

This is Fred. :-)
My beautiful mother enjoying a milkshake at Ruby's diner at the end of the seal beach pier.
Mom soaking up the sun and listening to the waves. I've named this picture "Peace".
Me enjoying some peaceful time reading a book and watching the ocean waves crash down in front of me. Couldn't have been a more perfect day!
Went to visit my grandma's grave. We cleaned it, put on some of her favorite flowers, and I took her some sea shells since the ocean was also her favorite place. I felt her spirit there strongly. I shared some words with her and felt her spirit. I cried for a little while cause I miss her so much still. I am so blessed to have had such an incredibly grandma.
My grandma Pratt (dad's side) and my mom. They were always best friends. Not much has changed.

Three beautiful ladies :-) Love you Grandma!!!
I arrived home to a beautiful poster that my kids had put together themselves with daddy's help. We were all so happy to see each other. The kids enjoyed on of the many gifts I gave them in their suckers and my husband looks awfully good in the beanie hat I got him "just another sexy bald guy." :-)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding:

I met Tamara 22 years ago when we were just 4 years old. We were inseparable for many many years. We lived next door to each other and spent every waking moment together. Our moms even had to put requests in with the school district to have Tamara and I put into the same class each year. We use to sit by our windows until the other person got home and then the phone would ring with a little girl voice on the other end asking "Can sarah (or tamara) come out and play?" haha. We were truly the best of friends. Not much has changed 22 years later. We live in separate places, but we are still best friends and being there to watch her get married to such a wonderful man...... well.... I did a lot of crying happy tears. My photos are set up backwards. So start at the bottom and work your way up. I can't wait to see the professional photos from the wedding. I was only able to capture what I could here and there during all the excitement of the day, and my mom helped me a lot too. We had such a great time! Please enjoy the pictures! One of these days I'll type up my toast and put it on here. 
Tamara (The Bride) with her mom # 2
Me with my beautiful best friend Tamara on her wedding day.
Tamara'a parents and my second parents: Jewell and Cliff
Tamara & Richard's first dance as husband and wife to Blake Shelton's 'God gave me you'

A beautiful bride smiling at her new husband knowing that the rest of their lives has just begun and their future looks bright!
A couple that can always make each other laugh, is a couple that can make it through anything.
The beautiful bridal party. I'm in their somewhere. :-P
Look at those handsome groomsmen :-)
Mr & Mrs Nelson ;-)
The Wedding Cake! --Gotta love that topper. Fits them perfectly!
Candy Table ---isn't that an awesome idea!!

This is me giving my toast. I knew it was good because I wrote every word from the heart to my best friend and her husband. I had no idea how much it would touch the hearts of everyone there. I had  many teary eyes and people asking me for a copy of the toast. It was a wonderful experience. I was so honored to give the toast at her wedding. She is such an incredible person and writing a toast for her was a piece of cake. :-) 
Bride and Groom walking down the isle after officially becoming husband and wife! Look at those smiles. :-)
Saying their vows

Tamara's dad walking her down the isle....and with a broken foot. Dad put in a lot of pain and love to hobble down that isle just so the pictures would look nice for his baby girl. 
The Flower Girls! ---little princesses

The Ring Bearers! -- Handsome little princes
Richard waiting at the alter sweating it out a little.
My mom looking stunning as she gets ready for the wedding.
Me all dressed and ready to stand beside my best friend while she gets married to the love of her life.
My hair turned out nice thanks to my mom!
This is Dave. I walked down the isle with him. He was so kind to hold me up cause walking in those heels was impossible!!! Thanks Dave!!!!
These are Tamara's cousins and her bridesmaids. They are such great people! I had so much fun getting to know them!

A future wedding in the making. :-) **hint hint brandon!!** 

Misty & her fiancee. 

Jeremy and his wife Camille. Jeremy was best friends with my brother when Tamara and I were growing up. So he is like my big brother too. We had a blast catching up. 
Such a beautiful perfect couple!!!! :-)

Random Family Photos

Here are a few cute pictures taken randomly at different points in the day:
These pictures show Hailey painting mommy's nails. She won't let me do hers or mine. When the polish comes out, then its Hailey doing the painting. So cute. :-)
Emma Princess ---She is in her element :-)
Michael looking handsome before church starts.
Emma and Aunt Nana playing the piano together
Mommy and Nana singing at the piano.
Daddy in his wrestling stance
Kids reading library books. (They LOVE our weekly trips to the library)
Michael & Daddy getting ready to go to their very first diamond back game!
My first attempt at a french braid on Emma.
This right here is the most adorable video of Emma performing her bear poem.