Saturday, May 7, 2011

Father & Son campout!

Our church does a father and son campout each year. This year they went up to a place called clear creek camp ground. They had such a blast! They had so much fun setting up the tent, chasing grasshoppers, eating around the campfire, hiking, and exploring the caves! They had such a great time! Michael came back so energized we could hardly contain him. He is already asking when he can go back again.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kids cute moments

Hailey enjoying one of her favorite treats!

The sprinklers came on for the trees and Hailey crawled right into the mud to play.

Emma & daddy dressed for church

Everyone sitting on the counter "helping" mom make dinner. Which usually is not very helpful but they think so....thats what matters. :-) Moms out there----you know what I mean. haha

Michael ready to play!

Emma just being her cute self

Hailey being praised cause she just too her first steps! Hailey has walked for Adam and walked for me a couple times but the one person that she will walk for EVERY single time is her Grandpa Weeden. Those to have a special bond. :-)

Michael and Emma outside painting....a favorite pass time

Adam has known Kaylee for years. When I met her I just loved her right away. She is awesome and we had her over for dinner one night. My kids just loved her to pieces but Michael fell IN love with her. He has asked me pretty much every day since when his girlfriend kaylee can come back and play dinosaurs haha :-) Awe..young love. haha

Emma decided that dipping her head into the water table was great fun.haha

Daddy & Hailey having a sweet moment.

The kids each decorated their own pot and picked out their own flowers. Then we all planted them together. Sadly Hailey's got knocked over and cracked so we have to make her a new one.

Eating a muffin on the carpet....oh what fun for mom. lol

Easter Party 2011

Every year we go over to my Cousins house for an easter party and kind of a family reunion. This year we got lucky cause my aunts, uncles and cousins from out of state came in for Emma's birthday party and the easter party. It truly felt like a family reunion. It was awesome. We did games, easter egg hunts, good food and good people.

Emma cuddled up with all her girl cousins.

Hailey snuck into the corner to try and crack open some eggs....

Hailey and Uncle playing on the grass

Emma enjoying her girl time with cousins.

Emma & Cousin Bridgett 'shopping'

Michael sneaking into the candy....caught red handed! "What? I wasn't doing anything. honest"

Hailey checking out what the easter bunny brought her.

Emma making music with her straw.

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party!

Emma birthday party was wonderful! The weather was just right! We did the bounce house, the pool, the water table, etc. The cake was made by my good friend Myra. It was amazingly yummy and looked beautiful! We got so lucky because so many family members from California and even as far as Seattle made the trip out here for her birthday. We had such a wonderful time! Emma was beside herself with joy and had to blow out her birthday candles over and over again day after day! haha. Thanks to everyone that came and for all the presents! Your personal thank you cards are in the mail. :-) Emma had a blast signing them all.

The Birthday Girl!

Cousin Ryan taking a running splash into the pool. :-)

Emma & Boompa playing with Balloons

Uncle Brandon enjoying some cake-sorry i forgot to get you your own crown. :-P

Uncle Devon, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Khristie & Cousin Ashley

Good friends Michelle, Brett and Lea

Cousin Mimi & Michael playing around

Grandma & Hailey

Grandma & Grandpa Weeden

Aunt Lisa and Cousin Mark

Adam guarding the loot! :-)

Michael & Mommy

Cousin Ashley riding the sit and spin!

Birthday girl with her beautiful crown!

Good friend Kaylee!

Bathing Beauty

Blowing out the birthday candles with friends, brother, and cousins help

Beautiful Tangled birthday cake made by a Great friend Myra

Decoration for the party. The centerpiece is wild flowers, with pots and pans and paint brushes, surrounded by a crown. If you've seen the movie you understand my decorating. :)


Adam surprised me with a cruise trip! Neither of us had ever been on one but we had both always wanted to go! We had such a great time! I loved being rocked to sleep every night by the waves. They had so much to do on the ship! We went to comedy shows, Broadway shows, casino (I have to admit I played a couple penny slots...and of course lost everything. lol). We went dancing, played mini golf on the top deck of the ship. We worked out at the gym everyday followed by some time in the steam room. It was really relaxing and so fantastic! We stayed up late and slept in! We never get to do that with 3 little ones, so it was quite a treat. For dinner you are assigned a table. Since each table seats 6 and there were only 2 of us we were sat with 4 lovely ladies. They were probably the 4 funniest ladies I had ever met! They were so much fun and we looked forward to dinner every evening so we could see them and talk about what we did that day. They had us balled over laughing every night. We also had the same waiter each evening. We all became good buddies. Each night our waiters would dance and it was just so funny. We had a great time! I hope we get to do it again soon!

Thats our ship!!!

This is Manny- our waiter

Our 4 ladies!

Adam lookin so handsome in Mexico!

That's me--don't i look relaxed! haha

Our first day on the ship!