Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emma .....

Emma has been learning to feed herself with a spoon. Grandma Weeden had the idea to take her outside, lock her in the chair and have at it! She had a great time getting messy and getting some practice in. We also were able to capture Emma dancing to her favorite cartoon 'Backyardgans'. She gets so excited!!! You will have to forgive the mess on the floor around her as she dances. Her big brother decided that moment was a great time to dump his basket of toys on the floor. :-) Life with 3 under 3! It's an adventure and I'm loving every minute of it!

Hailey's Blessing Day!

Hailey's blessing day was so beautiful! She looked like an angel dressed all in white. The words of the blessing were precious and spoken so beautifully by Adam. We were so grateful to all those that were able to attend this beautiful day with us. Many traveled from far away to be there and we were so happy and grateful! All the help was greatly appreciated as well! Thank you! Enjoy the pictures from Hailey's big day!

Hailey Rose Weeden

Our attempt at a family photo! haha

Mom, Dad & Baby Hailey

Hailey with Uncle Brandon

Hailey with Grandma Weeden

Hailey with 'Boompa' Tobler

What an angel!

Mommy & Emma

Papa Pratt & Emma

Uncle Brandon & Emma

Maren & Hailey

Janet, Lorin & Hailey

Grandma Weeden, Adam & Hailey

Fishing Trip!

A couple weeks ago Adam, Paul and Brandon went up to Lee's Ferry to get some fly fishing in. They caught some beautiful fish, enjoyed the scenery and had some great father/sons time! A trip to remember!!! Here are some pictures:

Sibling Love!

Everyday is such a blessing with our three little ones. Michael has taken on the big brother roll and loves it! He has his moments but for the most part he loves to play with his sisters and protect them. When I put Hailey down to sleep Michael is right there tucking a blanket in around her saying "snug as a bug in a rug." In the morning if he wakes up first, he refuses to touch his toys until Emma can get up and play with him. Emma is loving it! She loves to have Michael chase her and she adores Hailey! She could sit and watch her all day. Hailey smiles the most when her brother and sister are talking to her. She just lights up! The love that they have for each other is truly special. We are so blessed!

Bird Nest!

During our last monsoon a branch on the tree in our backyard started to fall down. Early today we went out to look at it. I spotted a birds nest! I lifted Michael up to see it and to our surprise we saw two little baby birds looking back at us. Michael was in pure heaven!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kids Projects

We have been having lots of fun days. My mom-in-law gave me a great book called "101 things to do to keep your kids busy." It's been so great. The kids and I do one thing each day and we have been having a blast! I try to capture some random pictures when I can:

Michael found a cricket and was loving chasing me around the house with it.

Fun in the sun!

Indoor sandbox made of dried oatmeal. Easy clean up and lots of fun!

Pudding with food coloring makes for great art projects and yummy finger food!

Our home made obstacle course. We made it a lot more elaborate as the day went on. By the time we were done the course ran through the entire downstairs!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hailey as she grows.....

Hailey is growing like a weed! She had a rough start with the jaundice but now that she is clear of that she seems to be making up for lost time. She does new things every day that bring us lots of smiles! Lately she seems to be smiling and giving us coo's constantly! She is a true blessing to our growing family. :-)

Hailey with Papa Pratt

Hailey with Great-Grandma Dean

Hailey trying out the Bumbo chair
Hailey sleeping on daddy
Hailey and mommy---featuring Michael's feet :-)
Bath time!
Such an angel!
Michael just adores his sister!!