Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

We finally got our family pictures done for 2010. It was quite an interesting afternoon. We got some great action shots but getting the kids to actually settle down enough to talk photo's was very difficult. In the end Adam and I just kind of threw our hands up in the air, laughed, and said " least they will show what a circus our life is...and just how much fun we have living it." We had probably 80 shots but here is a little snap of what the day was like. We were also really excited because we took some shots up next to a mountain and a coyote came down really close to us. Michael was so excited! He was off searching for the coyote with daddy half the time. ha ha.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hailey Growing.....

It's hard to believe Hailey is already 5 1/2 months old. In some cases in feels like she was just born and in others....well I just can't imagine my world without her. She is very high maintenance. She wants to be held all the time. Not just held but she needs to be up and walking around. She talks constantly and is going to eat us out of house and home before she turns one. haha But she is just a joy!!! She smiles so much and just loves to be around people. She is doing a scoot/crawl. She can get around just fine though. If you put her on the floor across the room from one of her siblings she will make her way over to them and try to play with their toys. She just looks up and them and smiles her biggest smile. She is so precious and we all love her so much! :-)

She just loves to talk! She loves to eat!

Beware on the roads!!!!

My dad came to visit from California for Michael's 3rd birthday and brought him a ford F-150 truck! Emma sits in the passenger seat and controls the radio while Michael drives them up and down the street. It's pretty cute. He is getting better at stearing without help now but before we thought we might have to pay for a few repairs on the cars up and down the streets. ha ha

Hail Storm!

Not too long ago we had a huge hail storm in Arizona. In Phoenix that is very rare so we were pretty excited! They started out like little normal hail size balls and then all of sudden huge golf balls started to fall. It broke car windows, dented cars. It was insane! My kids kids were really excited!!! As was I! I LOVE storms! :-) We got some video....

Playing with Grandpa :-)

The kids had such a great time running around their grandparents house with daddy, uncle and Grandpa Weeden. It seems to have become a tradition every time we are over there. :-) Fun fun!!!

Michael 3rd Birthday!

I can not believe that my little boy is 3 years old!!! He is getting so big! :-) He had an awesome 'how to train your dragon' birthday party. We had help from lots of people and we enjoyed all the wonderful company we had to celebrate with us! Here are a few pictures from his big day! :-)

Michael & friend Wilson playing with Dinosaur Moutain!

Michael opening his dinosaurs puppets!

Uncle Brandon being.....uncle brandon. :-P

Michael and his friends getting an early taste of the cake! sneaky... :-P

Emma riding on Uncles shoulders

Michael blowing out his candles! Congrats big boy!!! :-)

Fun outside! :-)

My mom drew a picture of Michael's favorite dragon!

My good friend Myra made his dragon cake and it turned out so wonderful!!!

Michael's 1st Fishing Trip!

A couple weeks ago Adam took Michael to Cabela's and Michael picked out his very first fishing pole! Adam found a great park close to our house that stocks the lake with fish every week. So last Wednesday Adam took the day off work and he, Michael and Grandpa Weeden went to the lake and taught Michael to fish. They didn't catch anything but Michael still had a great time hanging out with the boys, chasing ducks and learning how to push the worm on the hook. :-) Such great memories!

Pumpkin Farm!

My mom found this great little pumpkin farm near our house. It was so much fun! The kids loved it! They had tons of different farm animals that the kids got to feed and touch, a huge bounce house, tractor rides, pumpkin patches, and more! We had a great time and plan to make it a fall tradition. The kids also picked out their pumpkin and we took it home and carved it but I forgot to take a picture of that. :-P

Michael's day at the zoo!

We try to take trips to the zoo once a week. The kids love it there! It's gotten a bit difficult with three little kids. Michael is pretty good about staying with me and Hailey is strapped to me in the little backpack so she doesn't have a choice (haha) but Emma is a free spirit and tends to do her own thing and beat to her own drum. The more I call for her to stop when she takes off running, the faster she runs and more she laughs. The last time we went to the zoo she took off and almost ran right into the little lake after a duck. Luckily the construction workers were there cause trying to run with a backpack baby strapped on, pushing a stroller, and holding Michael's hand dragging him along ....well it wasn't pretty. The construction workers saw what was happening, dropped their tools and caught her before she ran in the water. I've been scared to death to go back ever since. haha :-)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emma .....

Emma has been learning to feed herself with a spoon. Grandma Weeden had the idea to take her outside, lock her in the chair and have at it! She had a great time getting messy and getting some practice in. We also were able to capture Emma dancing to her favorite cartoon 'Backyardgans'. She gets so excited!!! You will have to forgive the mess on the floor around her as she dances. Her big brother decided that moment was a great time to dump his basket of toys on the floor. :-) Life with 3 under 3! It's an adventure and I'm loving every minute of it!

Hailey's Blessing Day!

Hailey's blessing day was so beautiful! She looked like an angel dressed all in white. The words of the blessing were precious and spoken so beautifully by Adam. We were so grateful to all those that were able to attend this beautiful day with us. Many traveled from far away to be there and we were so happy and grateful! All the help was greatly appreciated as well! Thank you! Enjoy the pictures from Hailey's big day!

Hailey Rose Weeden

Our attempt at a family photo! haha

Mom, Dad & Baby Hailey

Hailey with Uncle Brandon

Hailey with Grandma Weeden

Hailey with 'Boompa' Tobler

What an angel!

Mommy & Emma

Papa Pratt & Emma

Uncle Brandon & Emma

Maren & Hailey

Janet, Lorin & Hailey

Grandma Weeden, Adam & Hailey