Sunday, August 3, 2008


The past week Paul, Barbara, Adam, Michael and I went up to the White Mountains to go fishing. It was so beautiful and so much fun!!! We slept in tents, ate smores and foil dinners over the camp fire, we saw wild life, we played in the dirt (well...mostly Michael did that), we gazed at the stars, we went site seeing, and much much more! It was a blast and we are all itching to go again!
Paul and Adam went fishing and caught several fish. They let them all go but I know they had a really great time! Adam lost the sole of his shoe while hiking back into camp and Paul's shoes are falling apart at the seams. If I didn't know better I would say those are the same shoes he has been fishing in since he was a teenager. hehe It was a really neat fishing trip because it was 41 years ago that Paul found that secret fishing spot in the mountains. :-)
Barbara, Michael and I went into town and did some shopping and site seeing. We visited a really amazing museum inside the church building in Springerville. It was filled with antiques and art work that a woman left to the church in Springerville after she passed away many years ago. She was never a member of the church and only lived in Springerville for two years of her life, but 20 years after she left to live out her life in Switzerland she willed her and her parents beautiful things to the LDS church in Springerville, AZ. It is on display by appointment only and I HIGHLY recommend you make a visit. It was amazing!
Paul and Adam setting up camp
Adam starting the fireMichael playing Michael helping dad get ready to fish Michael and dad playin in the dirt Michael and mom warming up by the fire
Enjoying the outdoors with Grandma and Grandpa Weeden
Grandpa teaching Michael how to drive
Our family

Fun time at the park!

While we were camping Barbara and I went into town while Adam and Paul went fishing. While we were there we found a beautiful park in Eagar. Michael was able to go on the swing and the slide for the very first time! He LOVED it!!! Press the play button on the bottom two pictures to see Michael in action!

Visit to Grandma Tobler's house!

Yesterday was a fun evening at Grandma Tobler's house. Michael had a blast! He was SO upset when we tried to take him home that he screamed and screamed. Trying to get him into the car seat was not very easy! He is going to be an amazing wrestler when he gets older. :-)

Playin' in his pool
Dryin' off with Grandma after fun time in the pool
Playin' with the toy that Grandma bought him
Playin' the drums on Grandma's pots and pans
A special moment with Great-Grandpa

Two new favorite foods!

Michael has recently discovered corn on the cob and ice cream. They have quickly become his two new favorite things to eat. The ice cream we weren't surprised about because when Adam was little he would scream bloody murder if you tried to take his ice cream away for even a second. The corn on the cob we weren't surprised about because when I was little they called me the "type writer" cause I would go through corn on the cob like no tomorrow. He is definitely our kid. :-)