Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday Dinners

Every Sunday we have dinner with my wonderful in-laws! It gives me a nice break from cooking dinner and gives us all a chance to get together and spend time with one another. This past week I remembered to take the camera to capture some fun times with the grandparents! :-)

Daddy being a tickle monster to Emma

Daddy doing puzzles with Michael

Daddy playing with the kiddo's

Grandpa and Emma hanging out

Grandma playing peek-a-boo with Michael

Emma rolling around with Grandma

Emma enjoying an ice cream sandwich!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cute Kids....

I take random pictures when the kids are being adorable or when something funny happens. The other day we were playing out front waiting for daddy to get home (the kids favorite time of the day!--mine too! But who wouldn't want that handsome man coming home to you! :-)) There was a can of mountain dew that I was drinking (I know I'm horrible but I don't do it often and I was going on VERY little sleep so I needed a little something to keep me moving.) Michael was so excited and put up his little fingers and said "Momma, please just a little sip." So I gave in because he's so darn cute and said "Just a little sip." He nursed that sip forever! haha. As much as his Grandpa Weeden loves mountain dew I knew that this picture would make him smile. :-)

Emma is a true girly girl but she also LOVES to be outside and play in the dirt. She just sits her little booty down and starts covering her arms and legs in dirt. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she is discovered. :-)

We had a lot of left over balloons from Emma's birthday party. Michael had the smart idea to put them all in the little corner between the couches and jump in them. He has been having a blast every since! He even dragged daddy into the corner and they buried themselves in balloons. :-)

(Michael sucking down a very long 'sip' of mountain dew)

(Emma playing in the dirt and covering her legs)

(Michael in his balloon pit)

(Daddy & Michael in the balloon pit)

Zoo Day!

Adam has been taking a evening class for his MBA (which he is almost done with! Yeah honey!) on Wednesdays. Since the class is down by his work there is no use in him coming home and driving back down so he just works really late and goes straight to class. The kids and I decided that he needed to take a long lunch last week, so we called him to meet us at the zoo for an hour or so. The kids were SO excited when Daddy walked up. We didn't have a ton of time so we let Michael lead the way. We make trips to the zoo often, so he knew what he wanted to show his daddy. We headed straight for the komodo dragon! After that Michael wanted to show daddy Emma's favorite spot, so we went into the monkey walk. Emma thinks it is beyond hilarious when the little spider monkeys are running around on the ropes. Sadly there weren't many monkeys out that day. Right across from the monkey walk is the big water cave. I totally forgot about it so I didn't bring swimsuits or towels but that didn't stop our kids! haha. We stripped Michael down to his shorts and just let Emma go for it. Adam kicked off his shoes and rolled up his pants and had a blast playing with the kids. I got to sit my pregnant self down in the shade, take pictures and just enjoy watching my wonderful family have so much fun! :-)

(Daddy & Michael looking at the ducks and turtles)

(Daddy walking Emma through the water cave for the first time!)

(Michael loving every second of the water fun!)

(Emma loving it as the water splashes up on her)

(He is so cute!)

(Emma exploring the was really funny when the water shot up in her face. She loved it.)

(I have such a great looking family! I could take pictures of them all day!)

(Daddy helping Michael and Emma explore the "pretend" lizard at the komodo dragon exhibit)

Emma's 1st Birthday!

We had such a great time at Emma's 1st birthday party! We had a house full of family and friends! We filled the front room with tons and tons of balloons and the kids had a blast!!! Luckily Emma woke up from her nap first so she really got to enjoy them before her big brother came through like a tornado! haha. She ran through them back and forth giggling and laughing. She was in heaven! She was in such a great mood all day showing off for everyone and being as cute as can be! It's hard to believe our little angel is already a year old & yet it's hard to imagine life before she was a part of it. She is such a joy! She is also a TOTAL girl! I swear, I don't know where she gets it. I'm not much of a girly girl but she is!!! Without being taught she loves to carry around purses. She was always trying to lug my big purse around so we finally got her a little one of her own and she loves to put her play cell phone and keys inside and carry it around with her. At her birthday party she was digging into the presents faster than I could open them and she would pull out all the clothes and carry them around close to her chest as if they were her prize possessions. It was adorable!!! She also already loves to talk on the phone. She puts it up to her ear and says "hello! hello!" Sometimes if no one is there she'll just dial numbers until she gets the operator saying its a wrong number. She thinks they are talking to her and she loves it! haha. We are having such fun watching her grow. Her brother picks on her... as any big brother will do, but they love each other so much. You should see the smiles on each others faces when they wake up in the morning and see each other. They always give hugs and kisses 'night night' before bed. Whenever she falls down he is right there trying to pick her up or taking me over to her and telling me "momma, emma up." So cute! We couldn't feel more blessed!


(I'd like to say that the kids were there playing with the balloons with my mom, grandpa, and uncle but truly I think they were just being big kids and tossing the balloons back and forth between each other. haha!)

(Grandpa Weeden & Michael)

(Checking out her presents)

(Emma's very own mini birthday cake!)

(Emma trying her first finger full of birthday frosting.)

(Getting ready to blow out the candles!)

(Emma blowing out the birthday candle with big brothers help!)

(Beautiful birthday cake done by my friend Myra!--Thank you!--)

(Emma sucking on a lime....she is so my daughter! Some people make sour faces, but not us! We love um!)

(Michael playing outside with his buddy Lincoln)

(Some birthday pizza! She ate about 2 slices all by herself. The girl can eat!)

(Emma being adorable as always!)

(Uncle Devon giving Emma her first taste of the famous Cherry-limeade! Of course she loved it! She is my daughter after all! :-)

(Michael playing with Great-Papa Tobler)

(Michael catching balloons from Grandma Weeden)

(Michael & Papa Pratt sticking balloons on the wall)

(Mommy & Birthday Girl!)

(Tinkerbell theme)

(Crawling through the balloons!)
(Emma scouting out her presents)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easter 2010!

Every Easter we go over to my great aunt and uncles house and celebrate with family. Its a great get together where we can visit with great food, company, lots of kids, and an Easter egg hunt! This year was even better because my aunt and uncle from California were able to make the trip out with their amazing two little kids. Michael and their son Ryan are about 2 years apart in age and get along great. We had a blast! Here are a few pictures:

(Michael collecting as many balls from the yard as possible!)

(Cousin Ryan showing off his loot after the egg hunt!)

(Uncle Brandon, Aunt Khristie & Cousin Ashley during the hunt!)

(Daddy opening candy DURING the egg hunt because Michael couldn't stand to wait! HAHA! He hasn't quite got the right idea yet.)

(Michael finding an egg in the bush)

(Michael finding an egg in the rocks)

(More eggs!)

(Emma getting help from brother and Uncle Devon on the tricycle)

(Daddy and Michael playing catch)

(Uncle Devon & Emma)

(Michael trying to play ball with the big kids!)

(Emma sitting at the table and ready to eat!)

("Boompa" & Emma clapping! Check out those dirty feet! Thank goodness she finally figured out how to walk with shoes!)

(Emma joining in the ball fun!)