Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to the zoo!

This past week was Adam's 30th birthday! Since it was such a big mile stone I wanted to make it special and decided to plan a surprise birthday party for him! With lots of help from his dad we managed to pull it off. There was a few times I thought we had been caught but Adam was totally surprised the day of! I even got his best friend Craig from California to come out for a few days. Luckily Craig brought his wife Shalece, who I love to hang out with and their two beautiful children, Tyson and Lilia. The day after his birthday we all went to the Phoenix Zoo! So much fun!!!!

(The gang....except Adam who took the picture)

(Michael and mommy with the kangaroo)

(Adam, Michael and Tyson)

(Adam and Michael with the tortoise)

(Eagle eating a rat...so gross and yet I couldn't look away)
(A bear!!! It was so neat! It came right up next to us!)

(Tyson was scared of the bear but Adam promised he would save him)

(The monkey! This was Shalece's favorite part! She could've stayed here forever!)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First time swimming!

Today we went over to the Weeden's house for dinner and swimming! Michael is a total water baby! He loved every second of it. We bought some swimmer diapers and his Grandma Tobler bought him some board shorts and the floaty. Grandpa Weeden turned on the waterfall and the hot tub and we had a blast! Michael was giggling and laughing. Even when the water was a little bit too cold he still had a great time and didn't complain one bit. Of course Scooby had to join in the fun as well. Michael sure does love to have him around. After wards Grandma Weeden took him inside and got him into the bath to wash him off and got him some fresh clothes. :-) It was a great day!


If you know our family, you know that we are HUGE Phoenix SUNS fans! This year obviously didn't go so well for the SUNS but before we knew that we decided to purchase Michael his very own SUNS jersey. It was quite over sized but he looked adorable in it anyways. :-) I guess we'll have it for next year!