Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Powdered Sugar Fun!

This evening Adam and I were watching some TV and watching Michael run around making cute car noises and he zoomed his cars along the carpet. After a little while Michael decided to go play in the kitchen with his cars and we thought nothing of it. After a short time we realized that it had gotten kind of quiet and the car noises had stopped... that is never a good sign. Adam got up slowly and peaked over the counter and burst into a huge smile and told me I had to grab the camera. I did and what we saw made us both laugh ourselves silly. Michael had gotten the powdered sugar box out of the pantry, opened it, and poured it out all over the floor, himself included. Michael jumped a mile when he saw that he had been caught but once he saw that we thought it was funny he went back to the pantry and pulled out the bag of flour. I had to grab that from him to stop him but we let him play in the powdered sugar for a little while longer until it was bed time. There was no use trying to clean it up while he was still awake.
Michael has been getting into a lot of things lately. He loves to watch the toilet flush and wave "bye bye" to the water. Earlier today I was answering some email and Adam was taking a rest on the couch since it was his lunch hour. Before long Michael had gone into the bathroom and dragged the toilet paper through the hallway and into the living room. There was a long stream of toilet paper lining our floor. We are going to have to start keeping a MUCH closer eye on him. :-) Although we do love to see him enjoying himself and exploring his surroundings.

Pictures of Emma!

We had our ultrasound recently to confirm that we are having a baby girl! She is still very healthy and growing just perfectly! I can already tell the differences between Michael's ultrasound pictures and Emma's. They are both the most adorable ultrasound pictures in the world! Of course that is the mother talking, and I am a tad bit bias. :-) We should start getting measurements pretty soon. Michael has been pouncing on my stomach and poking at it regularly. We tell him all the time that "sister is in mommy's tummy. Be careful". Of course that just makes him laugh and pounce harder. He is already being the typical big brother and picking on his little sister. Of course I think that once she is here he will take the protective older brother role... they always do. :-)

Playing with Uncle!

Brandon has been home from his mission for a couple months now. Michael adores his Uncle Brandon. It did not take him long to learn the word "Uncle". Brandon spends lots of time with Michael doing all his favorite things! Brandon takes him outside whenever Michael wants to go (which is ALWAYS) and he even lets him sit on his lap and play in his food. I finally caught some cute pictures of them playing together on the floor this past weekend. I'm hoping to get plenty more throughout the next several years to make up for the time that Brandon was serving his mission! :-)

Christmas Morning!

This year was the first year that Adam and I decided to have Christmas morning with just Adam, Michael and I. We wanted to start our own family traditions now that we have a kid and another on the way. Plus, we didn't want Santa to get confused if we weren't there when he delivered the toys! ;-)
We started our morning out by cooking up some orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, bacon, and hot cocoa. After we enjoyed that and cleaned up we let Michael dig into his stocking and the presents that Santa left and that my dad sent from California. Michael got a little overwhelmed towards the end of the morning but he has been enjoying every single gift!
On Christmas Eve we went over to my mom's house to celebrate Christmas with them because it's also my Grandpa's birthday. After we opened presents on Christmas morning we headed up to the Weeden's to celebrate Christmas with them. Then my family joined all of us for Christmas dinner. Yummy!
It was busy but wonderful!
We didn't capture every gift on film but we did get a few cute ones from Christmas morning that I thought we would share.

2008 Weeden Christmas Card & Letter

For those of you that didn't receive a Christmas card from us this year, we likely do not have your address. So please send it so I can add it to our address book! :-) Below is our Christmas letter and card.

Dear Friends and Family,
Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year again when we reflect on this past year and all the events that have transpired. This past October our little boy Michael turned one! Michael is a healthy and happy little boy. He is walking and saying quite a few words. He loves to explore the outdoors and learn new things daily.
We are also proud to announce that we are expecting a baby girl on May 7, 2009! We have decided to name her Emma Esther Weeden. It will be hectic but we feel very blessed to be welcoming another beautiful baby into our family.
Our lives continue to stay busy as Adam works full time at University of Phoenix as well as coaching a varsity wrestling team at a local high school. Sarah still loves being a stay at home mom and the joys that it brings to her life on a daily basis. She will tell you that it is the hardest job she has ever had, but also the most rewarding. Adam is currently working on developing 2 Internet business ideas that we have high hopes for in the future. Both Adam and Sarah continue to teach Primary (ages 11-12) at church and enjoy helping to teach the children about the gospel.
We are looking forward to this coming year and the challenges and blessings that it will bring. As always we love you all and wish you happy holidays!
Adam, Sarah, Michael & Emma Weeden

Wrestling with daddy!

For the first home match of the wrestling season Michael and I went to watch. The team looks good this year! We have high hopes for them! When the evening was over Michael went with daddy down on the mat and decided to wrestle him, which is something they have a lot of fun doing these days. Adam says "Hey Michael, you wanna wrestle?" and Michael comes at him with the biggest grin and just tackles him to the ground. It's adorable!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Taking a walk with Daddy

Michael has been walking pretty well for awhile now. Today Adam came home from work for lunch and he and Michael went for a little walk together. I was able to capture a few photo's before they headed out the door. It warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes to see my boys walking hand in hand. :-)

Mesa Temple Christmas Lights!

This past Saturday we went to see the Mesa Temple Christmas Light Display and heard a beautiful choir sing. It was very beautiful! It takes my breath away every year! The grounds are covered with beautiful lights and nativity scenes. Adam ran into a girl that he use to babysit back in California. She is now serving her mission in Mesa, Arizona. It was fun to meet her and hear some old stories. The Weeden's and their family go way back, so it was a nice surprise.
We got some great pictures of Michael before we left for the temple and some really cute ones at the temple so I thought I'd share a few. :-) The beautiful rocking horse that he is sitting in was hand crafted by our friend Larry.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's a Girl!

We had our ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby this past Friday. We were so excited and so nervous! When they told us it was a girl I think both Adam and I nearly had a heart attack. We know how to take care of boys and raise boys. We are at a complete loss at what to do with a little girl, but we will figure it out together. Being a parent is sort of a learning process anyways. :-) We didn't get very good ultrasound pictures this last appointment but we should get better ones on December 19th and I'll post those ones. For now we have decided on the name Emma for our little girl. My tummy is popping out a little bit and I've gotten wider but nothing too uncomfortable yet. My morning sickness has passed (thank goodness!) so for now I'm feeling pretty good. Adam laughs at me though because there have been a few nights when I was laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep and I flip the light on and ask him to go get me a pickle. hehe

Michael walking!

It has finally happened! When Michael was about 1 yr and 2 weeks old he took his first steps. He liked crawling better but now that he has had more practice he loves to walk! This morning at the park he was even chasing the birds around the grass. We are very proud of him! Although, as you can imagine, I don't have as much time as I use to. Hopefully, the blog will still get updated regularly. :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ward Halloween Party!

We had our ward Halloween party this weekend! Michael loved it! There were lights everywhere and pumpkins. There were kids and dancing. He was having a ball! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures but there was a little 10 month old girl that he was sort of playing with and she crawled right over to him, sat up on her knees, put her hands on his shoulders and leaned in for big open mouthed smooch! Michael was not into it so he put his hand on her chest and pushed her away. haha Funniest thing ever! Michael was dressed as a monkey this year...totally fits his personality! We also had a haunted house at the ward and since there is no one else in the ward that looks quite as scary as my dear husband, with his bald head and beard, they asked him to act as the punisher! He was thrilled, of course! He got to wear a cloak and pretend to punch people and all sorts of other things. Michael thought it was pretty funny when we went through the haunted house. I swear that kid is scared of nothing! It was dark, there were scary voices, zombies and a walking mummy chasing us....he thought it was all funny and laughed the whole time.

(My little monkey)
(Adam 'punching' one of his victims in the underworld.) hehe

Michael's 1st Birthday Party!

Michael's 1st birthday party was Elmo theme. Michael picked it out himself at the party store. I also blew up about 100 balloons because he LOVES balloons! We had lots of people come from out of town and about 20 people at his birthday to help celebrate his big day! We had so much fun and Michael was giddy and happy the whole time! He got some great presents that he has not stopped playing with since! It was definitely a success!

(Michael's Elmo Birthday Cake)
(Michael's face when he first walked through the door to his party!)
(Michael playing in his balloons happy as can be)
(Michael with his very own cake. His cousin Aaron had to help blow out the candle)
(Michael's birthday hat stayed on about 1 second)
(Michael digging into his cake very slowing and carefully....at first)
(Now he gets the hang of things....eventually he throws the whole thing on the floor.)
(Uncle Devon helping Michael get measured. He was 30 inches at the doctor)
(Left-Right: Daddy, Mommy, Michael, Grandma and Grandpa Weeden)
(Left-Right: G. Uncle Devon, G. Grandpa Tobler, Mommy, Michael, GrandmaTobler, Daddy, and G. Aunt Janelle)
(Left-Right: Daddy, Mommy, Big Bird, Michael, Cousin Mandy)
(Left-Right: Daddy, Michael, Mommy, and 'Uncle' Larry)
(Left-Right: Aunt Amber, Cousin Aaron, Aunt Kelly, Grandma Debbie, Cousin Hailey, Papa Pratt, Michael, Daddy, and Mommy)
(The three cousins)

My art projects

My mom had a relief society crafts day at church this weekend and she invited me, Barbara, and my aunt Janelle for a girls day with crafts. It was such a blast! I had so much fun and ended up creating some really cute holiday things for Christmas and Halloween/Fall.

(Fall decoration. We took pieces of wood, painted them black, glued them on another piece of wood we painted black, painted our pumpkins and stained the sides, then took pieces of ribbon, twigs, decoration stuff, tied them together and blued them on the pumpkin. Then the last piece was to glue the pumpkin onto the black wood frame.)
(Christmas decoration. We painted 3 pieces of square wood and our letters, glued the scrapbook Christmas paper on our wood pieces, put glitter on our letters, glued those on, drilled holes in the wood blocks and wrapped ribbon through the blocks and tied a bow at the top.)

Such a big boy!

For Michael's 1st birthday his grandma and grandpa Weeden bought Michael a bunch of adorable clothes! One of them was this amazing suit! Michael looked so grown up in it with his hair combed and his little dark blue dress socks on... I about broke down into tears. He is just growing up so fast... but seriously.....how cute is he!!! :-)

(Michael looking all grown up!)
(Our growing family)
(My boys are so handsome!)
(Michael laughing with grandma Tobler)

Spaghetti Fun!

Michael had his very first fun time with spaghetti! We set up trash bags all over the floor, stripped him down to a diaper, and let him go at it. He ate some of it, but mostly he just played. He had a blast though. He was so cute! I thought after he was done that I would just wipe him down with a baby wipe....ya.......silly me....we just had to throw him straight into the bathtub! Even then he was stained with some red sauce till his next bath. hehe