Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Toilet Fun!

Not too long ago Michael discovered the toilet. It was only a matter of time. He loves the water and he loves to flush the toilet so when he discovered that he could also throw things in to the toilet and even pull them back out, he was in heaven! We now keep the bathroom doors closed. haha. However, a few weeks ago Adam and I were in the living room and noticed that Michael had gotten very quiet. We snuck into the bedroom where he was and there he was in the bathroom with his baggy of trix cereal dropping the cereal in the toilet and then reaching in to take them back out and place them in rows on the toilet seat. Adam and I were laughing so hard that we got the camera to capture the moment without him seeing us. THEN we told him "no". haha

Moved up due date!

At my last doctor appointment to check on Emma I was informed that with the position she is in and how low she is that my due date is most likely going to be mid to late April instead of May. Of course it all depends on what she wants to do. :-) So we'll keep you all updated! : -) Adam is still praying that she waits until May because he really wants his little girl to share his birthday month with him. It's only fair since Michael shares his birthday month with me. We shall see!!!

Michael's 1st Swim Lessons!

Michael has been getting a little agressive lately. I think he senses that he will soon not be the only one getting mommy and daddy's attention. Anyways, we figure we needed to find him some outlets... something to get all that energy out. So we signed him up for tumble tots and swim lessons. We have our first tumble tot lesson on Friday but we had our first swim lesson on Monday! The place is amazing! Lots of kids, toys, bright colors, and a huge play area for the kids to socialize in while they wait for their lessons to begin. Adam took the afternoon off of work so we could both be there for his first lesson. We were warned that little ones usually cry for the first couple of lessons while they adjust to having a teacher and not being in control of things. Adam and I ended up having to sit around a corner and peak around to watch the lesson. When we were out of sight he calmed down a little bit more. The teacher gave him gold fish crackers, which he loved! Also there were pool toys, fish on the ceiling and the walls that he enjoyed looking at, etc. I am positive that before too long he will be a pro and not want to get out of the water when his lesson is over. :-)

Mommy's ice cream cone stolen!

Every Saturday we have dinner with my mom, grandpa, aunt and uncle. This past Saturday my mom took us all to this really amazing place called Oregon Stop. It's a pizza/salad place but in the center is one of the largest Oregon's in the world! One guy plays requests all night long. It's amazing! During 'under the sea' from little mermaid bubbles drop from the ceiling. There are also instruments all over the walls that the Oregon player can control from his seat. It's truly an amazing thing and I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area. Michael was in heaven! He loved the loud music and the guy playing the Oregon, all the instruments on the wall, the bubbles, and of course the food! After we were done eating I went and got myself an ice cream cone. I couldn't remember the last time I had ice cream on a cone and I was all excited! When I got back to the table I thought I'd let Michael have a little bite... well that was the end of it. He grabbed my hand and kept licking and biting my ice cream. On occasion he would let me have a lick if it was getting too melted, but towards the end of it he just grabbed the whole thing with two hands and wouldn't let anyone else touch it. I was sad to see my ice cream cone go but I loved watching how excited he was about it and how much he enjoyed it! :-)

Emma's Baby Shower!

I had decided not to have a baby shower for Emma but my friend talked me into it. She said she would do all the work and I just had to show up. She told me it would be very casual and nothing big. Just a little party, but she went all out. She is pregnant as well (about a month 1/2 behind me) so she blames it on her nesting phase. hehe. She did decorations, games, food, book of memories, a hand made quilt, and even made me a beautiful and yummy cake! I got lots of great clothes and blankets for Emma and was so grateful to everyone!!! :-)

(We did not plan the matching shirts. Just a mom and daughter thing. haha)
(It was great to have my mother in law and Adam's grandma there!)
(The mommy baby bumps!)
(Isn't that cake so cute! She freehanded the whole thing!! Very talented)
A few of the mom's that came brought there little girls (approx. age 4). While we were cleaning up from opening presents a couple of mom's found their little girls in the other room pretending to give birth. It was the funniest thing! They stuffed their shirts with stuffed animals or baby dolls. One girl would be the coach and help her do her breathing exercises and the other was the doctor and used power ranger clamps as forceps to get the baby out. We were laughing so hard!

Building Forts with Daddy!

Michael and daddy have always loved building forts together. Recently they have discovered the fun of building forts with not just blankets over top, but pillows all around! I often get a call from the bedroom or living room asking me to get more blankets and pillows. I caught a few pictures at the beginning of this fort adventure!

The little squint smile from Michael is how he poses for pictures these days.:-) hehe

Michael's Big Boy Backpack!

Since we're going to be having another addition to the family soon I started wondering what I was going to do about diaper bags. I could get a bigger one and stuff both their stuff in it or I could carry two around everywhere. Neither sounded like a great option. Finally I saw a little boy at the doctors office that was about Michael's age and he had his very own little backpack that he kept his snacks, drink, toys, and diapers in. I thought that would be perfect! So we went to Target and got Michael his very first CARS backpack, which he loves to carry around. Now I'll just have to do one diaper bag for Emma and Michael can have his own bag.

Michael's first girlfriend. :-)

Michael loves the girls. There is no denying it. He flirts like any little boy... sticks his finger up his nose, pulls her hair, shows off, etc. But there is one little girl in particular that he seems to be rather fond of. She is about 2 months older than him. When we're getting ready for church or play dates and he is giving me trouble about getting ready to go and putting his clothes on (he also loves to be naked) then I tell him "don't you want to look handsome for Jaylyn?" and he gets the biggest smile on his face, lets out a little excited scream and puts his own shirt on as fast as he can. It's so cute!

Zoo playdate!

Michael has been having lots of play dates lately with other kids from the ward. He loves it! He gets so excited when we say that we're going to go play with his friends. A little while back we decided to purchase some zoo passes so that I could take Michael regularly for an hour or so and let him get some of his energy out. Sometimes when we go we meet with some other stay at home moms and their kids from the ward. Michael especially loves the Zebra's and a little girl that is a few years older than him. She is a "little mommy" and loves to help Michael do things and help to keep him out of trouble. It's adorable to watch them together. :-)