Sunday, February 24, 2008

Michael playing with Grandpa!

Now if there if anyone that can make Michael smile aside from his mom and dad, it would be his grandpa! Michael just lights up when his grandpa smiles at him. I can tell already that he is going to have some wonderful times fishing with his grandpa in the white mountains. :-) These pictures crack me up. The first one shows just how much he loves being with his Grandpa but that second one is classic! It literally looks like the typical grandpa joke "pull my finger". I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.

Michael playing with Grandma!

Every Sunday we go and enjoy dinner with my WONDERFUL in-laws that I love very much! :-) We finally remembered to take the camera with us and capture some adorable moments that his grandparents had with Michael. Michael adores his Grandma and they had a blast playing on the floor together. Michael would laugh at his Grandma and then she'd blow on his tummy. He got such a kick out of it. :-) The first picture shown was when Grandma took him outside while his daddy and Grandpa cleaned out the puppies pen. I love how he's kinda winking at the camera. :-)


Gwen and Scooby had puppies for the 2nd time! This litter was much smaller than her first. There were 6 puppies but unfortunately one of the puppies got stuck in the birth canal and didn't make it. All the other puppies are healthy and happy and developing well. They are cute as ever and from what we hear they are giving Paul and Barbara plenty of work to do when it comes to cleaning up after them. Yuck! Wouldn't want that job! :-)

Nap Time!

Since Michael has been teething I haven't been sleeping much. I get MAYBE 3 hours a night. I always rock Michael to sleep at night or for his naps during the day. On saturday I was rocking him to sleep and ended up falling asleep with him. Adam walked inside and decided to capture this moment on film. :-) Once the flash went off both Michael and I woke up and boy was Michael happy to see his daddy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Michael's new trick!

Recently Michael learned how to roll from his back to his stomach. He has known how to go from his stomach to his back for awhile now. Now that he knows how to do both he has been rolling everywhere!!! Everytime I turn around he is some place new. He rolls and rolls and he is even in the beginning stages of the army crawl so he is moving around quite a bit. I can't keep my eyes off of him for too long. He's growing up so fast!!!

Playin with daddy!

I was in the computer room doing some school work while Adam was playing in the living room with Michael. I could hear Michael giggling and I had the camera in with me so I snuck around the corner and took some pictures of my boys playing. :-)

Visit from "great aunt" Marilee!

This past Thursday night my mom's best friend, Marilee, came in to visit from Texas. My mom and Marilee met in 6th grade on the playground and have been best friends ever since! They even went to BYU together. :-) Anyways, Marilee has always been like an aunt to me and now she can be a great aunt to my little boy. They hit it off right away. He was smiling at her and flirting from the second she came through the door. :-) And of course she was in love with him....but then again...who wouldn't be! :-)

Already teething!

Michael had started showing signs of teething recently. At his 4 month appt the doctor noticed that his gums were turning white, which is a sign of teething. He cracks me up though. He wants to put everything and anything in his mouth. Even during his bath he grabs a hold of the rag while I'm cleaning him and shoves it in his mouth. :-) The other night my mom was over and he got a hold of her knuckle and wouldn't let go. So cute. Slober everywhere. :-P Poor grandma. :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cool Dude!

Michael and I go walking at the park a couple times a week and when the sun hits his eyes he really hates it so we decided to invest in some baby banz sunglasses. They wrap around his head and you can adjust them as he grows. They are supposed to last till he is about 5 years old. He looks so cute in them and surprisingly keeps them on! :-)

New Car!

This past Tuesday Adam and I went and bought a new car. Adam's car (Nissan Maxima) was starting to cost us more in repairs then a car payment would per month, so we figured it was time to upgrade. Adam had a hard time letting go of his Nissan that he loved so much but he really loves this new car. We wanted something safe for Michael to drive around in and the new car gets 5 stars on all the safety ratings. We bought a 2008 Ford Fusion! The color is viper silver. It has reverse sensors so it will let me know if something is behind me. It has sirius radio for 6 months free (no comercials! woo hoo!). It's got a 6 disc CD player in the dash, plus it has that new SYNC program where you can basically command your car to do stuff and you can also control everything from the stearing wheel. It has a lot of room and we love it! It's an awesome car! The ride is really smooth and so quiet. We got a great deal on it because my dad works for Ford and we were able to use his employee discount, plus the rebate, plus our trade in. We were able to pay cash (we saved up) so we have a brand new car and no car payment! It's awesome! I'll post pictures of the car soon. :-)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sandra Day O' Connor Wrestling Champs!

You all know that Adam is the proud assistant varsity coach of the sandra day o' connor wrestling team. Well, this past Thursday-Saturday was the Arizona wrestling state finals. Last year I think we had one boy place in state and the team was ranked 12th in the state. Well just one year later we had SEVEN boys place, one boy winning FIRST PLACE, and the team is now ranked THIRD in the state!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! It was a great year and next year is expected to be even better. We have our eye on FIRST PLACE in state next year! CONGRATULATIONS EAGLES!!!!

Already Wrestling

I was getting ready to give Michael a bath and since he still has a little cradle cap I have to put baby oil on his head and comb it out. To do this I put him on top of his stuffed bear. Adam came in and decided that Michael needed to start learning to wrestle so he helped put him into wrestling moved on top of the bear and we captured it on camera. :-) Our state since he was 3 months old! :-P hehe.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Playin' with Lil' Vanilla

When Adam and I were dating, on our first valentine's day he bought me a stuffed animal of a polar bear. We decided to name him Lil' Vanilla....although for the life of me I can't remember why or who came up with that name. :-P Michael however loves to lay on top of the stuff animal and roll around on him. We managed to catch an adorable picture of him having fun with his little stuffed buddy. :-)

First Day At The Park!

Today Michael had his first trip to the park. Michael and his great grandpa fed the birds and watched the ducks swim in the pond. Michael had so much fun with his great grandpa and plans to go back next week to do it again! :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mom and Michael workout

For Christmas my mom bought me a work out DVD especially for mom and baby. It has baby massages and workouts, pilates and yoga to do for mom and baby together, etc. I tried it out the other morning and Michael just LOVED it! So I had my mom grab the camera and I showed her a few of Michael's favorites and we got some great shots of him smiling. :-)