Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scooby & Michael

Since Gwen just had a litter of puppies and we don't want her to have to go through pregnancy again so soon we decided to take Scooby to our house while Gwen finished her cycle. Scooby and Michael are attached at the hip! Scooby is a good boy and lets Michael crawl all over him and pull his ears and tail. He even lets Michael steal his ball right out from under him. When Michael cries at night Scooby comes right over to my side of the bed and nudges me until I get up and then he leads me into Michael's room. If Michael makes a noise that Scooby is unsure about he runs over and sniffs him until he is sure that he's ok. It's adorable to watch them together. The other day I even caught Michael dropping his crackers over the side of the high chair and then watching to make sure Scooby got the droppings. Sneaky sneaky! :-) It's been fun and I'm sure they will both have withdrawls when Scooby has to go home. :-(

The Lake!

As you all know, during the summer our family LOVES to spend lots of time at the Lake! We enjoy just being out on the boat, waterskiing, wakeboarding, etc. Michael recently had his very first trip to the lake. He did NOT want his life jacket on, so we let him have it off and I just held on to him the whole time. Once he got use to the noises and the wind he seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit. He got to dangle his feet in the water, eat some beef jerky, and crawl around the boat. He even got to help daddy drive the boat! When his daddy got up on the waterski, Michael was all smiles and laughing! It was a great day!