Friday, June 19, 2009

Best Buds

Michael and Emma just adore each other. Michael loves to hold Emma! He insists on it being the first thing he does every morning! It's so cute! He gives her kisses and hugs all the time and she smiles at him so big! It's adorable to see the bond they already have. :-) FYI: we are finally in our new house! We are almost unpacked but there are still a few fix up projects Adam is working on and we want to get the landscaping done before we do a housewarming or post pictures. :-)

Emma's Baby Blessing!

Emma's baby blessing was so beautiful! We were so grateful to all our friends and family that came and shared in that special day with us. Emma looks like a true angel. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. The words spoken in her blessing were beautiful and will be cherished. We almost didn't get all the words written down for record cause Adam forgot to turn on the tape recorder and he talked to fast for Barbara to write it all down but we managed to take what Barbara had gotten down and what Adam remembered and filled in all the blanks. So it turned out just fine.

Michael playing at the zoo's water park

Earlier this year we bought a zoo pass for our family so that I could take the kids for an outing regularly. Michael loves the zoo, and even more he loves the fun water stuff they have inside the zoo. We made a trip to the zoo as a family and with Uncle Brandon and Michael had a GREAT time!

Going down the water slide with daddy!
Joy inside the tree stump!
Riding the carousel with uncle