Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camp Catch-a-trout

A few weeks back we were watching a show called "Arizona Highways". It shows different places in Arizona that are neat to visit that might be off the beaten path and not known about. So Adam found this place called Camp Catch-a-trout up near Payson. It's a beautiful grassy area surrounded by pine trees and in the middle is a pond type thing stuffed with fish. The place is great. They provide you with poles, bait, buckets and nets. It's nearly impossible not to catch a fish so it's perfect for little kids just learning to fish. They get results and they love it! The place even cleans the fish and puts it on ice for you. The prices are resonable and totally worth it for the memories made. Our kids had such a great time running around and they each got a turn to go fishing (even little Hailey Rose). When we actually caught a fish Michael was thrilled, Hailey was intrigued and Emma was totally disgusted. haha. Typical girly girl that one. :-)

Emma running around having a great time!

Hailey showing Boompa the birdies

Daddy teaching Emma to fish

Michael trying to catch butterflies

Michael fishing while daddy baits the other hook

Michael feeling the "slimy fishy"

Hailey walking around enjoying some water

Emma getting ready to scoop up some fish with her net

Hailey guarding the fishy in the bucket

The sisters taking a walk together

Michael and daddy holding hands....I just thought that was so sweet I had to capture the moment

Michael has the fish in the net!!!

Hailey trying her hand at fishing

Michael hanging out lookin cute

<---I thought Michael was so funny when he made a wish. Clearly he was hungry. lol (if you can't understand what he said he said "I wished for a chicken nugget) haha

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Michael was asked to give a talk in Primary on Sunday about Temples. I was so excited when I saw the little paper they sent home with him letting us know. I have always longed for the day when I would stand up there with my child and help him or her give a talk in church. It was such a special moment. Michael helped us prepare his talk and find all the pictures. He helped with everything and I was so proud of him! We practiced each day so he would not be nervous but as the day got closer he got more and more nervous and we talked about that a lot so it was a good learning experience. When Sunday came we went to church a little early and went into the primary room while no one was there so he could practice giving the talk into the microphone before the room was filled with kids and teachers. Adam recorded it and he did such a great job! When the moment came for him to give the talk with everyone in the room he froze a little. He was pretty nervous and as I was encouraging him to start the talk and repeat after me he turned to me and in the microphone said "mom....why are you doing this to me?" haha!!!! I wanted to laugh so hard. He ended up having me do most of the speaking while he held the pictures up and agreed with me and said some of it. I heard later that most kids his age don't say anything once they get up there to the microphone so he said more than most. I was glad I had the foresight to have him give the talk and record it before he got overwhelmed with everyone in the room. So here is the recorded version of Michael's very first talk in primary on temples: Adam and I are so proud!!! :-)

I couldn't get the video uploaded to the blog because it was too long but here is a link to youtube: you might have to copy and paste it but it's worth it! So cute!!!! Bold

Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip to the Phoenix Children's Museum:

My mom has a friend that works at the phoenix children's museum and she gave us some tickets so we could go anytime we wanted. My mom had a day off work so we packed the kids up and headed down for a day of fun. We had such a great time! I love that place! The kids couldn't decide what they loved more! I'm thinking the large hanging noodles won though. haha. Can't blame them, I had a ton of fun in there too. :-)

Hailey -AKA- "Little Fish"

Hailey has thought that she could swim from the first moment she met the water. She literally jumps in as soon as she sees the water. She LOVES to fall in and go under. She just assumes someone will always be there to save her. If you try to hold her she is the one trying to arch backwards to get her head under the water. She is just crazy about it. I have nick-named her "little fish" cause she of her love for the water and her oblivion to the dangers of it. From the first moment she knew to hold her breath under water and kick her little feet. Some people are born to be in the water....she is one of them. :-) She is normally in a swim suit but I was getting ready to take her home while the other kids swam because she was not feeling well. She had other ideas and jumped right in so we just stripped her down and let her swim with daddy for a little bit.

Sweet Family Moments...

Sometime we just have those sweet family moments that make you say "grab a camera!" So here are some of those moments:

Look at those smiles.....

Michael & Daddy playing the piano

Michael & Mommy sleeping

<---Emma feeding her baby sister.

Hailey's First Birthday!

Hailey is ONE!!! She is such a joy in our lives. We had originally wanted another boy but Adam and I can both agree that this little girl is probably the most enjoyable little girl in the world. She has such incredible intelligence for her age as well as witt, charm, joy.....she is such a comedian. We would not trade her for the world! We love her to pieces! Her siblings agree 100%. Michael and Emma are constantly giving her kisses and hugs and playing with her. The 3 of them are best friends. We just did a small BBQ for immediate family for her birthday. Yummy food! Hailey dug into the cupcakes. She is just so cute!!! Hailey got wonderful gifts! Beautiful outfit, books, swing, blocks, etc. We had a great time! Thank you for everyone who came and for all the great gifts! The kids played in the backyard with water fun and squirt guns. Nice thing about having so many kids so close together in age. Just having the three of them together and you've got a party! haha

Michael's First Pet!

Michael did a great job with potty training. He learned how to go "pee-pee" pretty quickly but he had trouble making it to the potty on time when he needed to go "poo-poo". He was always just a little late and would get skid marks in his underwear and then the rest in the potty. So we told him that when he consistently made it to the potty with no accidents that he could go pick out his very first fishy. We thought it would be a good first pet. Easy to take care of and not much clean up. Seemed to be perfect for learning responsibility for a 3 year old. He picked out the bowl, the rocks, the little tree, and the fish. He picked a beautiful beta fish. Stunning blue. He was so excited! He went with daddy and got everything and then we all put it together as a family. Michael had done a wonderful job with remembering to feed his fishy twice a day and cleaning his bowl once a week. He is so cute about it too. He named him "Chemical Fishy".....we're not sure why. haha. He even reads him a bed time story. We're looking forward to the day when we can have a puppy but for not we're enjoy fishy as a new edition to our family. :-)