Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our first day home!

I was blessed enough to get released from the hospital with Hailey just 24 hours after giving birth. I was anxious to get home and get back to my other kids and my normal routine! We have been VERY blessed by our families help and the Relief Society sisters bringing in meals for us. Being at home has been wonderful. The adjustment has been fairly easy so far. I'm sure once Hailey is awake more during the day it will get a little more stressful but so far so good! Michael is a wonderful big brother and loves to help me in anyway he can. Emma has started being a big helper too. Both love and adore their little sister! We still manage to have tons of fun play time together and Adam has been able to come home from work earlier so that he can help me and do individual play time with the kids. Thank you to everyone for all the help!!! You have all made this process much easier than I expected. Espeically to my husband for being so wonderful and supportive through everything! :-)

(Mommy & Hailey leaving the hospital)

Hailey's first ride in the car seat

We have to put her in through the truck cause we have the other two in the front! What will we do when number 4 arrives!!! haha

Arriving at home!

Hailey & Daddy

Daddy already in love :-)

Michael holding Hailey's hand

Michael showing Hailey his little dinosaurs

Michael holding Hailey

He LOVES his new little sister....until she starts stealing his toys. haha

She is so adorable!

He could hold her all day long.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hailey Rose Weeden

I had been in the early stages of labor for a couple of days. I got to the second stage (the much more painful stage) at about 4pm on June 1st. I did my best to get through until the kids went to bed. It was made more difficult because my sweet adorable little boy thinks he has the "magical hugs" to make mommy's pain go away. So every time a contraction hit and I went over in pain, Michael would run over and hug me and say "owie all gone momma!" and no matter if that contraction was over or not I put on a smiley face and gave him a huge thank you hug. My wonderful mother in law come over after the kids went to bed and we headed to the hospital around 11pm. At this point I was in a pretty good amount of pain but was trying to breathe through it best I could. I've learned from past pregnancies that I don't dilate easily on my own. So when the Dr at my appointment early that day said I was at a 2cm I wasn't surprised. But after an entire afternoon and evening in pretty bad pain I figured I had made some serious progress! However, when I got to the hospital and they checked me they said I was a 2 1/2cm. I about died! Are you kidding me!!! My contractions are every one minute and it HURTS! That is when we discovered the reason I was in such horrible pain was because little miss Hailey was turned the wrong way and I was having back labor. Sadly, Hailey decided to send me into labor ONE day before my 39th week was to start. That means that the hospital can not admit me until my water has broken or I am at a 4cm and in active labor. So they told me I had to get up and walk around to try and improve my dilation before they would admit me.

Adam was starving so I sent him to get himself some food. The contractions were bad and they were close together but I was breathing through them pretty well and figured I could survive without him for a little bit. As I got up out of bed and stood up straight I thought the pain was going to kill me. That back labor is AWFUL! I tried to pace the floor of my room but every contraction that hit sent me bent over the counter. They got a ton more intense very quickly. Adam got back to the room and saw a totally different person. I was crying the pain was so awful. I did my best to make it through the hour they wanted me to wait but eventually Adam couldn't stand seeing me in so much pain and he went for the nurse to check me early. Luckily I had finally arrived at a 4cm. The nurse said she could clearly see I was in active labor and would have lied about my dilation just to get me admitted. :-)

I thought I was home free when they put the epidural in... I assure you that during back labor an epidural was a MUST HAVE in the moment. However, lucky me.... my epidural only numbed the right side of my body and even the right side wasn't all that numb. I still could've gotten up and walked no problem. So the contractions were still painful. Not as painful, but still enough that I had to breathe through each one. My wonderful nurse, Bailey, came back to check on me after a few hours cause I told her I was feeling a lot of pressure and pain in my upper thigh. As she walked over to the monitors she said that the baby had finally flipped to the right position. Yeah! And then my water broke! haha. So she checked my dilation and we figured out what that pain in the upper thigh and lower bottom was... I needed to push! The baby was practically falling out. She had to walk me through slow deep breaths so I wouldn't push while they got everything set up. The doctor barely arrived in time. I did one practice push with the nurse and then one more push and there she was! Our beautiful little girl! At 5:22am: 7 pounds 20 inches long and PERFECT! I couldn't believe how much she looked just like Emma. Luckily, she has a ton more hair than Emma had. Maybe all those bows I made for Emma will actually have good use this time around! :-)

The after math of everything went perfectly. She passed all her tests with perfect scores. As did I! As visitors came we all struggled with finding a name for her. We had it narrowed down to Alyssa, Kaitlynn or Mackenzie. As I spent more time with her I just knew none of those were right. I have always felt very strongly about my kids names and knew they were right when we picked them out. The one name I got that feeling for was 'Hailey'. The problem was my niece is named 'Haley'. My beautiful sister in law beat me to the punch. So I started talking to my sister in law about my feelings and asked what she thought and she was SO wonderful and said that if that was her name then I HAD to name her that or I would regret it. Plus we don't see each other very often (live in different states). So we decided I would spell it differently. We finally picked the name and finalized it on the birth certificate about half hour before I went home.

All the visitors were wonderful and I thank you for all the support and help! My mom and Adam's mom were huge helps in watching our kids for us while we were at the hospital. It was so reassuring to know that Michael and Emma were in good hands. It was also the most amazing experience to watch Michael and Emma be introduced to their new baby sister. Both of them just adore her! Michael has already taken on the big brother protector role and it's precious! Even though I know they will all have their sibling issues as they grow up together (especially being so close in age)... I also know that they love each other and they will always be there for each other. If Adam and I were ever gone those three beautiful children would have each other. That touches my heart in so many ways and I feel so blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to raise them and teach them and most of all to love each and every one of them.

Adam cutting the cord

She cried n cried for the first hour. We had no idea she had a poopy diaper right after she was born.

Mommy & Hailey Rose

Nurse Bailey--she is so awesome!

Daddy changing the very first poopy diaper--poor daddy :-P

Grandma Tobler & Hailey

Grandma Weeden & Hailey

Grandpa Weeden & Hailey

Michael meeting Hailey

Emma meeting Hailey

Look at that smile!

Great Aunt Janelle meeting Hailey

Great Grandpa Tobler meeting Hailey

Uncle Brandon home for a visit!

Uncle Brandon came home for a weekend visit from college (BYUI). If you know my kids, you know how much they LOVE uncle Brandon! So when he comes home for a visit they get so excited! This time was no different. It was even more fun because the pool was warm enough to swim in! Michael would jump in to Brandon or Adam from the side of the pool, or one of them would throw Michael into the air on his noodle. Michael even swam the length of the pool on his noodle! Not sure how I felt about that... proud of scared to death! He didn't even ask. He just got in the pool, grabbed his noodle, and off he went! :-P That kid has no fear! Emma of course was sweet as can be. She just loves her uncle and all his attention.

(Michael being throw in the air by daddy)

(Daddy & Michael tickling Uncle Brandon)

(Uncle Brandon & Emma)

(Uncle Brandon, his friend Heather & Emma)

(Uncle teaching Emma to swim!)

Father/Son campout!

Recently our ward had their annual father/son campout. Adam was so excited that Michael was finally old enough to go! I got the boys all packed up and when Adam got home from work they headed out. Michael was so excited all day he could hardly control himself! He kept talking about all the great things they were going to see and do! Michael got to help put the tent up and was beyond excited that he got to sleep on an air mattress next to daddy all night. They popped popcorn over the fire and had a great time! I know both daddy and Michael are looking forward to next years trip! :-)

Emma & Daddy

Emma has become a complete daddy's girl lately. When he walks into the room her face lights up like the 4th of July! When I say "daddy's home!" she goes running to the door and into his arms before he can even put his stuff down. It's the most precious thing in the world and I love to see it! When Adam lays down on the floor she loves to run at him as fast as she can and pounce on him. They wrestle around and play together. He chases her around the house and she giggles so loud and happily. It's truly the cutest thing in the world! The other day he was feeding her dinner and she was so proud that she was in her daddy's arms. I had to capture a few quick photos.