Friday, March 28, 2008

Michael's Toy Chest!

A few weeks ago I told 'Uncle' Larry that Michael needed a toy box for his room to store all his toys and things in. Larry, being the incredibly craftsman that he is built a BEAUTIFUL toy chest!!! It's got shelves inside that slide from side to side, it has air holes inside just in case Michael decides to lock his future siblings inside (way to think ahead Larry), and the beautiful things on the front (ball, baseball bats, boat, dino, bear, plane, etc.) Are all made of different kinds of wood. So they weren't painted! It's incredible and beautiful and we are so grateful!!! :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Michael's First Easter!

This past Sunday was Michael's very first Easter Holiday. Our family got together at my Aunt Janet and Uncle Lorin's house. We had a very yummy dinner and the kids had an Easter egg hunt. It was cute watching them run around like crazy. Michael wasn't quite old enough yet, but he enjoyed watching them and playing with the eggs on the grass. He met his 3rd cousin Lauren who is exactly one year older than him. She was nice enough to share her Easter eggs with Michael. :-)

Update on Puppies!

The puppies are getting SO big!!! They are playful and fun to watch. When Michael watches the puppies, he has a look on his face like he would love to get down there and play with them. I know that the biggest male has already been sold but there are still some puppies left so if any of you are interested let us know and we'll pass the word along. :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uh oh....he already likes chocolate!

A couple weeks ago I made chocolate chip cookies for the family and Adam's coworkers. These cookies are Adam's weakness so of course I could keep his hands away from them while the were cooling off. Every time I looked at the table another one was missing. I finally walked in the living room where a caught not only Adam, but also Michael red handed. :-P

Mesa Arizona Temple Easter Pageant!

Last night was the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Arizona Temple. It was beautiful! If you've never been you really should go sometime. It's a play all about Christ's life and his resurrection. It's beautifully done and very touching. Michael was amazed by everything! His eyes were so big and he was such a good boy through the whole thing. Before it started a bunch of the cast members came out in the audience and I was lucky enough to get a picture with one of them. :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Michael's Rash

Sorry I haven't posted anything new lately. It's been hectic around the house. Little guy is teething so he's already miserable with that but to top it off he has an allergy and a diaper rash. About 3 weeks ago he got a diaper rash and his eyes started getting really puffy. A week later I thought I was getting the diaper rash under control but I took Michael in to the doctor for his puffy eyes. She told me to get some benedryl. So I did and we also thought we figured out that he was allergic to my new shampoo. His eyes started doing better but his diaper rash started getting worse. Nothing I did made it better. It got REALLY red and started spreading down his legs, then up his sides, around his tummy and back, down his arms and the past day or so it's not all the way up his head and even on his eye lids. He looks awful but luckily hasn't seemed to be in too much pain. We have another appt with the doctor for tomorrow afternoon (03/14). I'll keep you updated :-)
Update (03/20) - Michael is looking much better, although his rash is still there. The doctor said that he has some sort of viral infection. That type of thing can happen to a baby if someone has germy hands and he either sucks on their hands or they touch his hands and he puts them in his mouth. The rash is the way his little baby body expresses its sickness. But it will clear up on it's own. :-)
Update (03/25) - Well Michael started doing worse. His rash has flared up again. We have another doctor appt on Tuesday and will hopefully get some answers then. Although he looks miserable he still smiles at us often. We continue to search for the cause and the cure. :-)
Update (04/03) - Doctor said that it looks like a bad outbreak of eczema. He will probably have it on and off throughout his childhood. When he has an outbreak we have to use a special cream for 5-7 days and use benedryl at night for itching and then it should clear up until the next outbreak. We're currently on day 2 of this. Hopefully it will work. We'll keep you updated.