Monday, July 2, 2012

Hailey's B-day Party!

Hailey is official 2 years old!!! We kept the party really small. Just a few family members. She was happy as a clam! When she came down the stairs after her nap I had the floor covered in balloons. The look on her face as she ran through the balloons was just priceless. We all enjoyed ourselves sooooo much! You'll notice in the pictures that Emma managed to scoot herself into nearly all of them. She LOVES to be on camera.

(Hailey eating her birthday cupcake. Yum!!!)

(Mommy & Emma playing with balloons)

(Grandma & Emma)

(Boompa, Michael and Emma)

(Daddy flipping Hailey)

(Daddy flipping Michael)

(Daddy flipping Emma)

(Papa, Uncle Devon & Emma)

(The girls!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Camping Trip!

This past weekend we took the kids camping. We were lucky enough that my mother in law came long. Trying to keep 3 kids from running off into the forest, or walking into the lake is not easy. We were so happy to have the extra help. Plus, my mother in law and my husband are expert campers. We had a great time and the kids were in Heaven. It was nice to get away to the cooler weather, less technology and teaching the kids fun new things as they experience wonderful new memories. I was a little bummed because I was always the one taking the pictures so I have no pictures of me with the kids. :-( But I'll keep the memory alive and make sure I get some pictures next camping trip.

Daddy & Emma after setting up the tent and canopy

The kiddos exploring new territory

We found a ton of dead crawfish in the lake we fished at. Michael found a really big one!
He also caught a number of butterflies and a catepiller. He was really in his element up there. He walked around and helped do things. It was beautiful to watch how he opened up and let his personality show. Normally he is a little shy, I think he may just take after his Grandpa Weeden and become a Forest Ranger.

Michael & Daddy getting their fishy poles together

The girls splashing their toes in the water

Michael fishing with Grandma

Grandma & Emma looking out over the lake

Hailey & Grandma fishing

Kids Singing

We have this really fun CD called "popcorn bopping". If you don't have it I highly recommend getting it for your kids. It's a blast and the kids love it! We sing and dance for hours. There is one song on the CD that is a little more reverant and the kids sing it beautifully. Emma and Hailey sing the words "Heavenly Father loves me....." and the video of Emma and Michael is the same song, but they sang the entire song and Emma did the little hand signs she learned in nursery at church.

(2nd video with Michael and Emma is having trouble uploading. I'll get it on here asap)

Having Fun!

Being a mom is so awesome! Being a stay at home mom is even better! I have the opportunity to see everything and provide my kids with fun activities, learning, and more! Here are a few pictures that I snapped over the last couple months.

Mommy & Michael

The kids helping me make our Sunday morning waffles

The kids cuddling with daddy after his long day at work

The kids took out pretty much every DVD we own and set them up in rows (Don't worry... I made them clean it up. lol)

We made an elaborate fort! The picture doesn't do it justice. It took up our entire dining room wall to wall. It had 2 seperate tunnels and 3 rooms. One for each kid. We have a globe light that I put in the center of the fort to give them light and even put my laptop in there with a movie on for them to watch. Sooo much fun!!!

Before we went on our camping trip I was teaching the kids what to do if they saw a bear. With all the recent bear attacks out here I thought it was a good idea. They were so darn cute about it that I had to take some video for all to see: