Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Michael stories....

I have three stories to share that I just couldn't keep to myself.

A couple days ago Michael had woken up from his nap in a rather cranky mood so I thought I would sit with him and we could eat some lunch and watch something on TV until he was awake enough to go run around outside like usual. The movie Eragon was on the Disney channel. I thought "Michael LOVES dragons. What's cooler than a dragon movie." I had forgotten about the scary guy in the movie. When it got to the part in the beginning where the scary guy comes in (and truly that guy scares the crap out of me too) I turned it off realizing it was probably too scary with a little boy with a big imagination. Sadly, Michael had seen too much and that night about an hour after he had gone to bed he woke up with a nightmare crying about there being "bad guys." I was SO proud of Michael when the first thing he asked of us was to say a prayer. Often when Michael is having a hard day or when I am having a tough day we get down on our knees and we say a prayer to help us feel better. I was so happy to see that he had learned to do that when he was scared. A few minutes after we put him back to bed he started crying again and Adam went in to check on him. I was doing laundry and cleaning up and thought Adam was downstairs. When I went down I realized he wasn't down there. It had been a good hour since we put Michael down so I wasn't sure where Adam was. Little did I know that in Michael's CRIB lay daddy and Michael snuggled up together. Poor Adam was scrunched like a ball and every time he tried to get out, thinking Michael was sleeping, Michael would wake up and push his daddy's head back onto the pillow and told him to go to sleep. :-) So precious!

Another moment when you realize that you are teaching your kids good things and that they really do watch EVERYTHING...... Often times if I've had a rough day with the kids or something like that Adam will surprise me with flowers. He always tells Michael that he got mommy flowers cause she wasn't feeling well. So this past weekend my mom was having a really hard day and she came over to my house to play with the kids cause what better cure for a bad day then playing with the grand babies. :-) I told Michael when my mom was on the way over that grandma was having a hard day and we had to treat her extra special. So do you know what my sweet little boy did...... he pulled a flower off the bush out front of our house and then went to the grass and pulled up the purple and yellow weed flowers in the front yard. He put them all together and showed me. I told him they were beautiful and thanked him for bringing me flowers and he pulled them away and said "no! for Boompa!" (he calls his grandmas Boompa cause he can't say Grandma). He held onto those flowers tightly for about 15 minutes until she pulled up and then he ran to the car and gave them to her. :-)

Friday night we had some of Adam's wrestling team over to watch the NCAA wrestling championships and have a BBQ. Michael was in heaven! He loved having so many boys to wrestle with and show off his toys. When it came time for bed Adam and I took Michael upstairs for a quick bedtime routine. Michael begged for "all the wrestlers" to come upstairs. He went and asked them nicely to please go upstairs with him. So there we were... Adam, Michael, mommy, and 4 big high school wrestlers reading Elmo story books and then we all joined in for a chorus of "home home on the range" and "ABCs". It was the funniest thing ever but Michael was beyond thrilled! :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Visit with Papa Pratt

Recently my dad came in for a visit. He lives in California so he doesn't make it out here very often. I couldn't believe how quickly my shy kids took to him. Michael was Papa's best friend after about 5 minutes. He wouldn't go anywhere without him. Papa had to carry him everywhere, play with all his toys with him and he wouldn't even let me get him out of his car seat....had to be papa. :-) It was adorable and I loved seeing it! Emma was the same. She loved playing with papa and was constantly begging for his attention. We got some of the cutest video's of Papa teaching Emma to play soccer and her laughing hysterically! Another video was Papa chasing Michael around the backyard. The kids were in heaven! Sadly, I can't get the video's to upload but I'll share our pictures. :-) We went to Cabelas..... Michael's favorite store! It also happens to be my dad and Adam's favorite. So the boys were beyond thrilled to spend the afternoon there. :-) Most of the pictures are from there. Enjoy! I know we did!

Papa and Emma
Michael strangling a turkey he found---so serious! haha
Daddy showing Michael the owl
Michael showing Papa the animals
Emma thinking the dead Zebra was beyond funny! haha
Daddy and Emma with the animals
Papa and Michael being "serious"
Papa and Michael walking into the store

Playin' around......

We have been having lots of fun playing at home lately. The kids have such a great time playing on the stairs together. They love to set up animals and knock them off. Michael loves to jump off the stairs and in my attempt to teach Emma to crawl DOWN the stairs she thought it would also be fun to fling herself from the top......yes, i nearly had a heart attack! But the smile on her face and the laughter coming from that little body was priceless.
Michael's new favorite activity is pulling weeds. A couple weeks ago we were all in the backyard helping daddy pull weeds and Michael couldn't get enough. Now poor Adam sits out there with him and pulls weeds even when he would rather just use the weed killer. It's cute watching the two of them together though. Michael will even get a bowl and fill it up with the weeds he has pulled throughout the day so he can show his daddy when he gets home from work. Adam makes a big deal about what a big helper Michael is and the little guy just glows from head to toe to have his daddy proud of him. :-) So cute!
Michael loves to have "art time" during the day. We color in our books, or draw pictures, etc. We were in our backyard and there were some leaves that had fallen off the tree. Michael collected them and I was trying to think what we could do with them. So we got some crayons and paper and I showed him how to make some art out of it. He added his own spirals and lines all over to decorate it and decided to give it to daddy. :-)
Emma is always trying to get into trouble. She LOVES water. We have to keep the bathroom doors closed cause she knows how to lift the lid off the toilet and have blast splashing around in the toilet. She tries to climb in the dishwasher to play with the left over water in the bottom and when it rains the little roller coaster in the backyard will sometimes get a puddle of water. The other morning she was out walking around and decided to crawl through the puddle and splash around for awhile. So cute! :-)
(Playin' on the stairs)

(Pulling weeds)
(Caught playing in the water)
(Leaf art project for daddy)

Zoo Day!

A few weeks back my mom mentioned that she always heard about us going to the zoo but she wanted to see it! So she took a Friday morning off work (since I would never attempt the zoo on a Saturday---too crowded). We had a blast! Michael fed the giraffe (one of his favorite things to do). We rode the carousel and looked at as many animals as we could fit in the morning. He was quite fascinated with the zebras this time around. Emma was happy to ride in the stroller and eat her sucker. She is so cute. She loves to see the animals but I think her favorite part is seeing how excited her brother gets by them. They love to see each other happy. Michael would run over to her and make sure she could see the animal and she was just happily look at her brother and feed off his excitement. You can't beat having two kids that love each other so much. It's adorable! :-)