Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trip to California! *Michael's FIRST big trip!*

This past weekend my best friend Catherine Loveland was getting home from her mission that she served for in Salt Lake City, Utah (Temple Square). Since she was heading straight back to college at BYUI, I decided that the only chance I was going to get to see her for awhile was if I went to see her at her homecoming. She gave a BEAUTIFUL talk that brought most to tears. The trip itself wasn't TOO bad. Michael did pretty well. My mom kept him entertained in the back seat with lots of toys (some old, some new) and he slept for a few hours. He did his share of crying but all in all I thought he did pretty darn well for such a quick turn around trip. Sunday morning we were eating breakfast down in the lobby of the hotel. The waitresses were totally taken with Michael and he was flirting right back. :-) One waitress came over and asked if she could hold him. So throughout our breakfast we had the waitresses holding him and going "gaa gaa" over the little guy. He was eating it up! :-)
Michael with "Aunt" Catherine
Michael with waitresses @ Hotel

Michael and Mommy

Michael and daddy

Michael with Grandma Tobler

Visit with the Pratt Family!

On our trip to Victorville, CA we stopped in to see my dad, step-mom, sister, brother, sister-in-law, my neice and my nephew. This was the first time Michael would ever meet his aunts, uncle, and cousins so we were really excited! These are currently the only cousins Michael has. Michael adored his cousin Aaron. He was watching his every move! He was pretty much the only person who could make him smile all night. :-) He was very interested in his cousin Haley. They are only a couple weeks apart in age. It was cute to watch them check each other out. Even with his poopy attitude in the evening after his long drive from Phoenix he reached out for his Uncle Jason and slept on his aunt Kelly. It was adorable! :-) His Grandpa (my dad) was of course loving every minute he had with his grandbabies surrounding him. Poor Debbie didn't get much time with Michael because he was being a cranky butt but luckily she had her hands full keeping his granddaughter entertained. :-)
Michael and Cousin Aaron (Michael's new best friend)

Michael and Cousin Haley

Uncle Jason and Michael (looking very sleepy)

Aunt Kelly & Michael (so sweet!)

Papa and Michael

Aunt Amber and Michael
Photo of the Grandbabies

Visit with the Beylers!

Whenever we are in California we have to stop and visit our best friends Craig and Shalece Beyler. Adam has been best friends with Craig since High School but when I met his wife Shalece we hit it off right away and have been great friends every since! She was my only bridesmaid that could help me inside the temple on my wedding day. :-) Their daughter Lilia is just a little older than Michael and boy did they enjoy playing together. Their son Tyson was sick with the flu so we didn't get any pictures with him. :-(

Visit with Great Great Grandma and Great Grandma!

Not very often does a child get to meet his or her Great-Great-Grandma but Michael got the opportunity on our trip to California this past weekend. On our way home we stopped to visit my grandma (Michael's great-grandma) as well as her mother, who is Michael's great-great- grandma (she turns 96 next month and is still in great health.) Michael was a little fussy for part of the time but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves anyways. :-)

To the Park with dad!!!

Usually Michael and I go walking out the park just the two of us, but this past week we were lucky enough to get daddy to take a day off from the gym and come walking with us instead. Michael was SO happy!!! :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

6 Month CHECK UP!

Michael recently had his 6 month check up at the doctors. We found out that he is 16lbs 11 ounces and 27 1/2 inches long! He is getting so big!!!! The doctor said that he is ahead in the percentile for his age. :-) Michael was showing off and showing the doctor all of his cool tricks (walking with help, getting up on hands and knees, babbling, giggling, rolling around, drinking from a sippy cup, turning around, sitting up on his own, balancing his weight, etc) the doctor was SO impressed! She said that Michael was doing things that she hadn't even seen some of her 11 month old patients doing. :-) That was very happy news. :-) So anyways, Michael is doing great and growing like a weed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mom and me :-)

Typically the mom is always the one behind the camera and never in the pictures. So I figured I would have my mom take a quick picture of Michael and I so you can see that I do in fact exist and so Michael can be sure to look back on his childhood and know that I was there for it. :-P hehe

Ready to make his first investment!

Adam and I were just relaxing on the bed with Michael when something caught his eye. He reached over for his daddy's real money book about investing. He was so concentrated on that book.....he would not let it go. It was adorable! We figure he is now ready to start trading stocks in the stock market. Grandpa would be so proud. :-)

I'm a big boy now!

We had fun this past week introducing Michael to some new things. He now drinks out of a sippy cup on his own and loves it! He also started eating some carrots and he kinda loved it and kinda didn't.....as you can see by the photos' :-)

Helping mom with the laundry :-)

Michael loves to help me with the daily house chores. He helps me in the kitchen with dinner by making sure he is with me at all times. He wouldn't want me to do anything without him and risk burning down the house....somebody has to watch me. :-P He also loves to help with the laundry. While I fold, he sits on top of the clothes to keep them warm. :-)

Hangin' in my crib

Since Michael got sick with his rash (which we are still working on getting cleared up) he has decided that he will not sleep in his crib EVER. We are working on that little matter so for now he has "crib time" during the day where we put a couple of his toys in there and play his fishy music and let him just hang out. I caught him watching his fish and thought it was so adorable so I captured a quick picture. :-)

Day at the Park!

Michael and I go for walks at the park nearly every day. He LOVES it! Recently he was able to start sitting up in his stroller like all the big kids instead of having to use his infant carrier on top. He has an awesome time doing that! He gets so excited! We love to see the turtles and the duck families. :-) He doesn't look as excited in these pictures because he just woke up. :-P