Monday, December 14, 2009

Family Pictures

Not long ago we had a woman/photographer in our ward take some family photos for us. They turned out so beautiful! We have a whole disc full but I thought I would share some of our favorites.

Meeting Santa!

At the Christmas party they had a professional photographer, which was really neat! Michael was SO excited to see Santa! We waited in a long line and he just couldn't wait!!! Then of course, as expected, once it came time to actually sit on Santa's lap he totally freaked out (as seen in the last photo). Emma however was in heaven. She was thrilled with Santa and loved him even more when she got a candy cane! :-)

It's a .........

Technically we are not supposed to find out the sex of our newest baby until first week of January, but my doctor is really awesome and since we found out that Michael was a boy at 12 weeks and Emma was a girl at 14 weeks, I figured we would be able to see the sex of this baby at my last 14 weeks appointment. I begged my doctor and she of course said "yes"! So she snuck us into an open ultrasound room and took a look. The baby was not being very helpful. It took awhile and two people to see that we are expecting a......



The other day I sat down to do the blog and update all the pictures I had taken since Thanksgiving. My camera was filled with photo's from the very first Thanksgiving I had done. I had tons of help from family! It was great to have my family and Adam's family there in one place. 16 of us all together! We were even blessed enough to have Paul's sister Jan and her husband Kevin join us from New Mexico. On the camera was also pictures from our family trip to the zoo. Michael and Adam had so much fun feeding the sting rays and playing at the petting zoo. The other night my mom came over and we made sugar cookies for Christmas. This was Michael's first time doing the sugar cookies. He stayed up late and sat on the counter. He was in charge of covering the counter with flour and pressing the cookie cutters into the dough. He was having so much fun! The pictures of him and my mom doing the cookies together were priceless. I have never seen a smile that big on his face. He was so proud of himself, all covered in flour! :-) Then he got tired and pushed the cookie cutters aside and laid right down in the flour on the counter top to go to sleep. It was precious. The last pictures I had on there were pictures of Michael at his little photo shoot. A couple of children his age were asked to be a part of a photo shoot for the little gym that he goes to. They had a professional photographer come in and photograph them doing their favorite little gym activities. They got some great pictures of Michael hanging from the rings. Huge joyful smiles! My most heartbreaking video that I lost was of Emma crawling for the first time. She has been crawling for so long now that it's not something I can recreate. Yes, that's right.....I did something to my camera while trying to figure out how to turn the flash off and I ended up deleting every single photo. I am so heartbroken! Sadly...that is life and I will just have to do my best to recreate the memories in the stories I write down in each of the kids little journals that I keep for them of their growing up years. I'm sorry there are no new pictures to show. :-(