Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trip to the White Mountains!

Every year Adam's wrestling team travels to the white mountains for the round valley tournament. The tournament lasts 2 days and the team loves it! There is almost always snow on the ground and it's absolutely beautiful up there! Small town life, animals everywhere, people wave to everybody, and as my father in law says "they roll up the side walks at 7pm." :-) Our family friend Larry has his family home up there and is nice enough to feed the boys on the team for a breakfast and a dinner. This year my mom, my father in law, Michael, and I went up to help out and root our wrestling team on! The boys did great! The ended up placing 2nd out of all the several teams there to wrestle! We were thrilled! Michael also got to play in the snow for the first time and meet a real life horse! Below are several pictures of our journey!

(Family shot in the snow)

(Daddy & Michael playing)

(Michael & Mommy eating snow)
(Michael checking out his footprints in the snow)(Michael's first snowball!) (Mommy & Michael walking together)(Michael & Grandma Tobler making snowballs) (The O'Connor Wrestling Team) (Daddy & his future wrestler) ('Uncle' Larry showing Michael the horse. He was THRILLED!) (Michael and 'Uncle' Larry going on a daily walk in the wagon) (Michael & 'Uncle' Larry getting bundled up for a walk in the COLD!!!)

New Couch!

We are slowly trying to upgrade our furniture. We were so excited to see a beautiful couch on sale in an ad in the paper. We went down the store and within' 5 minutes we had bought a new couch for a great price! We love it! It's WAY too big for our current house, but we plan to move in the next few months to a bigger place, so it should fit fine there. It is a 3 piece sectional with 4 recliners, 2 cup holders, and a little cubby hole that is supposed to store remotes and what not, but instead it stores Michael's toys. He LOVES to stick his toys in there, and he loves even more climbing inside and using it as his special seat between mommy and daddy. It's adorable!

My Growing Belly!

Emma is still as healthy as can be. The pregnancy has been pretty smooth. I'm not swelling at all. I have a little bit of back pain but nothing that keeps me from chasing Michael around 24/7... thank goodness! My newest craving has been ice cream and oranges. I eat about 4 oranges a day and usually one bowl of ice cream a day. It's like she can't make up her mind between having junk food or healthy fruit. I will admit that when I couldn't decide which I wanted more, I had them at the same time. :-) The other night while I was eating ice cream Adam looked over at me and just started laughing because I didn't need to hold my bowl. It rested nicely right on my big ol' baby belly. So of course, we grabbed the camera! :-)

Michael's 1st Beaters!

A couple weeks ago I got a new recipe for Chocolate Mint Cookies! They are to die for! YUMMY! Adam always requests that I save the beaters for him to lick off. This time Michael got to join in the fun! He LOVED every second and was very upset when it was all gone. Looks like we have another sweet tooth kid in the family. :-)