Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ward Halloween Party!

We had our ward Halloween party this weekend! Michael loved it! There were lights everywhere and pumpkins. There were kids and dancing. He was having a ball! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures but there was a little 10 month old girl that he was sort of playing with and she crawled right over to him, sat up on her knees, put her hands on his shoulders and leaned in for big open mouthed smooch! Michael was not into it so he put his hand on her chest and pushed her away. haha Funniest thing ever! Michael was dressed as a monkey this year...totally fits his personality! We also had a haunted house at the ward and since there is no one else in the ward that looks quite as scary as my dear husband, with his bald head and beard, they asked him to act as the punisher! He was thrilled, of course! He got to wear a cloak and pretend to punch people and all sorts of other things. Michael thought it was pretty funny when we went through the haunted house. I swear that kid is scared of nothing! It was dark, there were scary voices, zombies and a walking mummy chasing us....he thought it was all funny and laughed the whole time.

(My little monkey)
(Adam 'punching' one of his victims in the underworld.) hehe

Michael's 1st Birthday Party!

Michael's 1st birthday party was Elmo theme. Michael picked it out himself at the party store. I also blew up about 100 balloons because he LOVES balloons! We had lots of people come from out of town and about 20 people at his birthday to help celebrate his big day! We had so much fun and Michael was giddy and happy the whole time! He got some great presents that he has not stopped playing with since! It was definitely a success!

(Michael's Elmo Birthday Cake)
(Michael's face when he first walked through the door to his party!)
(Michael playing in his balloons happy as can be)
(Michael with his very own cake. His cousin Aaron had to help blow out the candle)
(Michael's birthday hat stayed on about 1 second)
(Michael digging into his cake very slowing and first)
(Now he gets the hang of things....eventually he throws the whole thing on the floor.)
(Uncle Devon helping Michael get measured. He was 30 inches at the doctor)
(Left-Right: Daddy, Mommy, Michael, Grandma and Grandpa Weeden)
(Left-Right: G. Uncle Devon, G. Grandpa Tobler, Mommy, Michael, GrandmaTobler, Daddy, and G. Aunt Janelle)
(Left-Right: Daddy, Mommy, Big Bird, Michael, Cousin Mandy)
(Left-Right: Daddy, Michael, Mommy, and 'Uncle' Larry)
(Left-Right: Aunt Amber, Cousin Aaron, Aunt Kelly, Grandma Debbie, Cousin Hailey, Papa Pratt, Michael, Daddy, and Mommy)
(The three cousins)

My art projects

My mom had a relief society crafts day at church this weekend and she invited me, Barbara, and my aunt Janelle for a girls day with crafts. It was such a blast! I had so much fun and ended up creating some really cute holiday things for Christmas and Halloween/Fall.

(Fall decoration. We took pieces of wood, painted them black, glued them on another piece of wood we painted black, painted our pumpkins and stained the sides, then took pieces of ribbon, twigs, decoration stuff, tied them together and blued them on the pumpkin. Then the last piece was to glue the pumpkin onto the black wood frame.)
(Christmas decoration. We painted 3 pieces of square wood and our letters, glued the scrapbook Christmas paper on our wood pieces, put glitter on our letters, glued those on, drilled holes in the wood blocks and wrapped ribbon through the blocks and tied a bow at the top.)

Such a big boy!

For Michael's 1st birthday his grandma and grandpa Weeden bought Michael a bunch of adorable clothes! One of them was this amazing suit! Michael looked so grown up in it with his hair combed and his little dark blue dress socks on... I about broke down into tears. He is just growing up so fast... but cute is he!!! :-)

(Michael looking all grown up!)
(Our growing family)
(My boys are so handsome!)
(Michael laughing with grandma Tobler)

Spaghetti Fun!

Michael had his very first fun time with spaghetti! We set up trash bags all over the floor, stripped him down to a diaper, and let him go at it. He ate some of it, but mostly he just played. He had a blast though. He was so cute! I thought after he was done that I would just wipe him down with a baby wipe....ya.......silly me....we just had to throw him straight into the bathtub! Even then he was stained with some red sauce till his next bath. hehe

Monday, October 6, 2008

Schnepf Farms!

This past weekend we went to a place called Schnepf Farms. They have live shows, fireworks, rides, play areas, yummy food, pumpkin patches, petting zoo's, etc. Michael had such a blast and the rest of us had a lot of fun too. There was a bee ride that Michael and I got to ride together and while we were up in the air you could hear Michael let out a joyful scream. He was so excited! Next to that was a huge slide that to most kids would seem scary...not our Michael. After his daddy took him down the first time, Michael begged to go again. He is truly our little dare devil! Michael even got to pick out his very own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! We all had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year!
(The start of our day)
(Michael as a vampire!)
(The family)
(Michael with the goats)
(Grandma Tobler & Michael trying to get in to the sheep)
(Michael & mommy riding the bee ride)
(A little shot of my growing belly)
(Daddy & Michael at the top of the slide)
(Daddy & Michael at the bottom of the slide)
(Michael driving the wooden train)
(Grandma Tobler & Michael in the pumpkin patch)
(Michael testing his pumpkin to make sure it tastes good)
(Michael joyful in the pumpkin patch)